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07 December 2012

Mike Church’s Revolving Door Theory Is Proven by Senator Demint

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of Founding Fathers, Christmas Spirit goodness and other [r]epublican stories like Senator DeMint, used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “The prospicient Mr Podesta smartly began where Heritage has, after decades of institutional evolution, only recently arrived. Mr DeMint’s Heritage will join the Center for American Progress at the in-the-pocket partisan think-tank avant garde.”

Imagine the big, bad, Syrian military threatening the Lincoln Administration with “dire consequences” if it used “total war” practices on the Southern people for guidance on what to do about Syria and its “chemical weapons”

Senator DeMint bails on the U.S. Senate to take the helm of DeceptiCON Central, The Heritage Foundation

Perhaps Senator DeMint sees a lucrative buyout in his near future?

So much for the vaunted “DeMint-Paul Caucus” in the Senate

A Christmas poem that actually has Christ in it

Why did DeMint leave the Senate and who benefits? why the people in the employ of the Heritage Foundation of course, that’s who

LA Governor Bobby Jindal tries his hand at leadership, crafting his own BBA and stumping for that oldest of cliches: term limits

Governor Jindal should join forces with the CFA if he REALLY wants a BBA

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  • Dallon says:

    Naawww. You all have it wrong. There is a bigger picture here that is bidding like those squiggly line pics that are 3D. Deminit’s quitting because he was told to do so. Look at the other rearrangments in the leviathan for proof. Caroline Esterbrook resigned from the CFTC during the Clinton administration under threats on her life because she was investigating the housing derivative market’s. Something else is afoot here that only history will record.

  • muckruckus56 says:

    Why oh why do the news reports I am watching from Fox news , all reporters are saying “Syria has Sarin gas…..what can we do about it???” How about NOTHING!!!! seems in the 80’s no one was talking about Iraq using chemical weapons on their people nor did we do anything about it.

    • TheKingDude says:

      The DeceptiCONS cling to their lethal and un American quest for empire because it is the only thing they have left. The moral struggles have been settled by the political class in the political realm meaning the Republican claim of “family values” etc. is a non-starter as are the issues of abortion, homosexual marriage, single motherhood and just about any other deviant behavior the State subsidizes. War is king among Establishment Republicans but their record on that is nothing to boast of. Change is coming, BIG change.

  • Michael Presley says:

    The real story is NOT that DeMint is leaving for Heritage. Why is that much of a story at all, and what did anyone expect? Instead, the real story is whom it is that DeMint would like for his replacement. But no one cares about Majority dispossession, anymore, since it’s all “the economy.” Unbelievable!

  • Ranger Mooney says:

    I think Sen DeMint is forward looking. He is escaping the public eye of the august body of the Senate before the peasants arrive with pitchforks, torches and cries to “Send the monster out!”

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