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11 September 2013

2013 America Should Be More Like 1789 America

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – I don’t think that having aged members of the United States Senate is, by definition, a bad thing.  That’s why the age requirement to be a senator makes you five years older than you have to be to be a member of the House of Representin’.  The framers did consider: What’s the difference between the House of Representatives and the Senate?  It was debated and said the Senate would be the wiser versions of the House, who would be more temperate and moderate in their deliberation and in their discussion.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let me go to Randy in Tennessee.  How you doing?

Caller Randy:  Hi, Mike, how you doing?

Mike:  Good, thank you.


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Caller Randy:  I’ve got to tell you, this whole thing has been entertainment, what’s happened the last week.  Whether this has got to do with oil in the Middle East or the military is losing their foothold in the Middle East, it’s about money.  That’s all it is.  The bottom line always involves money.  I don’t know how John McCain and Graham can think for a minute that it’s a good thing to get in the middle of Al-Qaeda Sunnis, and Hezbollah Shias in Syria.  I don’t know how you can even think you can win that or even that it makes sense to lob missiles into Syria with all that going on.  It’s just beyond me.  I really believe, on the military side, that they know we’re coming out of Afghanistan in 2014.  I really believe it’s that military complex still wanting a foothold in the Middle East.  Syria will just be the next one.  You can’t just lob cruise missiles and Tomahawks and not verify that you’ve taken care of the chemical weapons that Assad has, you can’t do it.

Mike:  It’s war by machine.  We were warned.  You can go all the way back to the invention of the Gatling gun.  There were those at the time of the invention of the Gatling gun going: Dude, this is not a good thing.  Mechanical warfare is going to cost millions upon millions upon millions of lives.  It’s going to change humanity.  Lo and behold, it sure has, hasn’t it?

Mike Church Show Transcript – The United States Of America Is Now A War Machine Oligarchy

Caller Randy:  I sent McCain a tweet the other night.  I thanked him for his service for this country but I asked him to please leave Congress.  I asked him to take about ten other completely senile representatives with him.  I can’t even hardly stand to listen to Harry Reid anymore or Chuck Schumer or Lindsey Graham or Durbin.  They are so bought by special interest groups, they make no sense in what they talk about anymore.  I’ve said this before on your show.  I used to laugh at the Mexican government about how corrupt they are.  Look at what’s happened to Mexico with extreme poverty.  That is where we’re headed.  The deeper these freaking politicians get with the special interest groups, the more we lose the middle class of this country.  They just don’t seem to care anymore.  It’s sad, isn’t it?

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1776 2013

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