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09 September 2013

PBS’s Charlie Rose Interviews Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – He just slammed Obama for being the Facebook president.  We are not a social media government, we have real problems over here.  We have to really deal with them.  We can’t just hop on Twitter and start social media-ing our social discourses.  By the bye, folks, I just have to say that I myself have wondered of the utility of politicians making public statements, even the good ones like Justin Amash, in so limited a venue as a Twitter feed.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Before we go back to the telephones, AG has five clips from Bashar al-Assad courtesy of PBS and CBS News.  We’re going to play them for you in succession, right?

AG:  Yeah.  We can discuss each one.  The first one — we’ve got actually eight clips now — it’s on how a U.S. attack on Syria would destabilize the entire region.

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[start audio clip]

article-v-pamphlet-adBashar al-Assad: Before the 11th of September, in my discussions with many officials in the United States, some of them are congressmen, I used to say that don’t deal with the terrorists as playing games. It’s different story. You are going to pay the price if you are not wise in dealing with terrorists. So nobody expects – we said there were going to be repercussions of the mistaken way of dealing with it, of treating terrorism, but nobody expected the 11th of September. So you cannot expect, it’s difficult for anyone to tell you what is going to happen. It’s area where everything is on the brink of explosion. You have to expect everything.

[end audio clip]

Mike:  It is intriguing, isn’t it, Andrew?  Isn’t it provocative?  He keeps talking about and Syrian diplomats keep talking about: Are you people nuts?  We are fighting terrorists who are trying to overthrow our legitimate government.  You may not like our legitimate government.  That’s fine, that’s cool, but there are nutjobs in here that you people have sworn a blood oath, in the words of Senator McCain, to follow into the gates of hell itself, to the ends of the Earth.  These are the people that are trying to overthrow our government.  Yes, we’re shooting back at them because they’re shooting at us.  He used the word terrorists, which an Al-Qaeda member is.

AG:  At the same time, couldn’t the argument be made: We’ve done nothing to Syria and you’re on the brink of destabilization as is.  It’s not as if you’re running some great country right now.  You are killing 100,000 people, Assad.  Let’s not pretend that everything is working out great in Syria.  His idea of if there’s an attack then we’re going to be on the brink of destabilization, I wouldn’t agree with that point that he tries to make there.

Mike Church Show Transcript – American Public Doesn’t Want War In Syria But They’ll Support It Once It Starts

Mike:  We have two things.  Let’s go over this.  We have this intelligence report, this letter rather, that was sent to the president from Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Philip Giraldi among the signatories.  There are questions about the intel.  One of the things that Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama keep saying is they were 1,492 people that were killed in the August 21st attack.  There is no footnote on that source.  That is from a report or a purported report that was fed out by an unknown agency.  The people that are actually on the ground treating the victims after the gas attack say the number is somewhere closer to 150.  They don’t even have their numbers right.

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