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08 November 2013

The Grand Leviathan Chess Game Stars U.S. Citizens As Pawns

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – I guess the point I’m trying to make by relaying to you what Fineman is writing here is that we are all but numbers in the grand elite game of chess that’s being played, with the grand prize being $3.8 trillion of other people’s money that these clowns in Washington, DC get to spend every year.  It’s all neatly broken down for us now.  We can subdivide results and then subdivide results, instead of just relying on the aged and the old and the institutional and the traditional of we know this is good and that is bad.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Howard Fineman writes this:


No, Obamacare didn’t almost cost Terry McAuliffe his narrow gubernatorial vote in Virginia. But dodging that bullet shouldn’t be too much comfort to other Democrats.

What Lincoln Killed flyer

Hear the story of the United States AFTER the Constitution like you’ve never heard it before

For one, it’s not clear that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act . . .

america-secede-or-die-t-shirt[end reading]

Mike:  By the bye, when I was browsing around for news on Colorado secession last night, you know what I saw, Andrew?  250,000 Coloradans, many of them dunderheads that had a chance to form their own independent government on Tuesday but instead decided they liked to be slaves or indentured servants to Mordor on the Potomac River and Mount Doom of Denver, Colorado.  250,000 Coloradans are going to be kicked off their current health insurance plans.  The Times-Picayune had a story on Monday, 81,000 Louisianans are going to be booted.

Remember yesterday I asked Louie Gohmert, Congressman Gohmert what’s going to happen there.  He said, [mocking] “Well, Mike, hopefully some of these people that get kicked off sue and they wind up in federal court.  John Roberts is going to have to get another copy of the Constitution.  I don’t know which copy of it he was reading from when he found Obamacare was part of it, but maybe we can get him another copy and he can find the mandate wasn’t part of it because it was outlawed by 26 states.”  Keep that in mind, just between Louisiana and Colorado, from two items I have from Tuesday and yesterday, 331,000 people are losing their health insurance policies.  I thought Obamacare was supposed to eradicate people not having health insurance.  Maybe I misread the advertisement.  Back to Howard Fineman:


So the lesson of Virginia is obvious: What the Democrats really need is another Ted Cruz-led crisis. [Mike: Howard, I am so glad you said that, buddy, and not I.]

First-wave analysis of the closer-than-expected Virginia result accepted the explanation — rising distaste for Obamacare — put forward by the losing Republican, Ken Cuccinelli. And it is true that candidate McAuliffe took no chances when it came to the controversial, complex program. He mentioned it only obliquely, focusing just on the expansion of Medicaid the law makes possible. Neither President Barack Obama nor Vice President Joe Biden mentioned it at all when they campaigned in Virginia in the final hours.

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