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06 November 2014

Obama Isn’t Our Elected King, And Congress Isn’t Our House Of Lords

FFFilms_Compleat_stacked_FEATURED king obamaMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Is it King Obama or President Obama? “This is the principal concern here.  I think this is the principal issue of our time.  Number one, Congress doesn’t know and understand and refuses to act responsibly and to discharge their oath of office.  It just may be they don’t do it because they don’t know it.  As a matter of fact, I’d argue that it’s likely they don’t know it.  Secondly, presidents are chosen from the same gene pool and from the same pool of intellect and people that move in these intellectual circles, so why would it not then follow suit that the president doesn’t understand his own role and that the president doesn’t understand his own authority?  All this makes perfect sense if you’re looking at this correctly.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript


“The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.” There are a number of competing interpretations of the sentence’s key phrase, “executive power.” But the dominant originalist view appears to be that “executive power” references a well-understood suite of powers that a Founding-era head of state would typically have possessed. [Mike: By the way, that is the incorrect view of it.]

Adherents of this definition [Mike: I’ll give you an example: Senator McCain.] understand the phrase “executive power” as a term of art that referred to a specific bundle

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The Supremacy Clause, properly understood, is pretty clear on this.  So then, when the Congress is acting as it’s supposed to, the president can’t do the things that he’s doing.  That’s the whole point.

We have presidents that act as though they’re not presidents.  They act as though they are kings.  You know what?  We treat them like kings.  They’re treated like kings.  Red carpets are rolled out for him to walk down.  If he decides to talk to anyone or decides to talk on any issue, doesn’t matter what it is, all the media that his present and alive on earth can be brought into service to make sure that the message is spread far and wide.  We are told that we turn to the president for leadership, meaning the president gets to tell us which direction we’re going, how the economy is going to work, and all these other things.  This is not any concept of federalism or [r]epublicanism that anyone that would have been alive in 1787 or 1788 or 1789, that they would have recognized.  They would have recognized this as a monarchy, or, since there’s a lot of money at stake here, an oligarchy.  John Taylor of Caroline County, in my new book, recognized it as an oligarchy, a tyranny of laws.  That is exactly and precisely what it is.

You have an unrepentant, irresponsible House of Representatives that doesn’t do its job.  You have a United States Senate that no longer answers to the state governments or to the state legislatures, which have become neutered, emasculated, basically agent states for the federal monstrosity, and then you have the president wielding the kind of powers that a king would wield.  No one attempts to stop him, and when they do, it’s usually for all the wrong reasons.  Then you have a judiciary that, in case the president misses something, you have a judiciary that goes behind both the president and the Congress and makes all the rest of the laws for us.  They overturn precedent.  They overturn legitimate, rightful acts that are passed by the people of the several states.  We’re told we have to obey and abide by all this.  Well, if there’s been a breach of contract and the Constitution is a compact, why do you have to abide it?  [mocking] “Because you have to, because Lincoln said so.”  Who cares what Lincoln said?  Lincoln wasn’t in the founding convention.  If we believe we’re only glued together by the Constitution, it ought to be what the Constitution says that matters, not what Lincoln said about it.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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