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19 August 2016

Louisiana Rising: It’s Not Just For “One Toothed Gators” Anymore

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Mike Church reads the “Open Letter to The Media Industrial Complex” from Baton Rouge attorney, Heather Cross

To listen to the entire segment from today’s Mike Church Show, courtesy of the Veritas Radio Network, click HERE

Calling The Media Industrial Complex To Baton Rouge – Folks, I have talked and written about my brothers and sisters in SELA dealing heroically with Katrina2, without the Media Industrial Complex heaping their Judgement Pornosphere™ guilt trips on us. Yesterday I pointed out that the MIC had not sent legions to cover the Acadian Armada-Cajun Navy and the legion of volunteers, cooking and serving the hungry, who can now return to their ruined homes and shattered lives. Meanwhile the trolls of the Judgement Pornosphere™ who have nothing better to do now that bash Louisianans for being “so dumb, they live in flood plains”.

Think I’m kidding?, check this prince of a man’s comment on my Facebook page on the matter:

Now, thankfully, here comes BR attorney Heather Cross:

Here’s an excerpt from Heather:

Dear CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, Good Morning America, the Today Show and whatever other news organizations professing to employ people who refer to themselves as Journalists:

cc: all Facebook Friends (as promised)

FYI There is a flood in Louisiana.

You’ve met us before. You came and camped out over here during a very painful period in our existence about a month ago. You went into a neighborhood you’ve never been in, in a state it’s quite possible that you’ve never visited (despite that you are “very well-travelled”). Although, I realize you are sophisticated, and accepting of “other” cultures, you managed to pass judgment on an entire community in your own country, who were mourning and struggling to figure out – what the hell just happened – and where do we go from here – all of us (well most of us) – in good faith. You didn’t offer help, you didn’t offer support, you offered criticism – and then you left.

Oh you came back, a few weeks later, a lunatic, who also had never been here, showed up and murdered three of our finest citizens. In broad daylight. In the middle of town. You came back. With more criticism. More speculation. More side taking. When in the community I live, we were basically all on the same side. We’re all in this together. I hate to pull a hashtag, but seriously #unBRoken.

Carillon-Sacré-Coeur_flagClick the Facebook post above and read the whole thing. Here’s a coda to Heather’s blistering critique: what do we need the rest of these inconvenient, governmental liaisons for? Thus far, the sum total of the Obama Administration’s “aid” to SELA has been “declaring a state of emergency” (what exactly does THAT do anyway?) AND republishing “civil rights guidelines for dealing with disasters”!

Why stay in league with these people when our utility expires when Adam Sandler is done mocking us and our “toothless gator…fooshball” obsessions? When the healing of our beloved republic commences, plan on getting involved in an effort to “Make Louisiana Independent Again”. Consider joining the Louisiana Independence Party… today. Here’s a slice of history for those who don’t know why I want to fly the Carillion de Sacre Coure over the capitol of the Florida Parish Republic:

On April 9th, in 1682, Robert (Rene) Cavelier de La Salle discovers the mouth of the Mississippi River and claims it for France. As a child, La Salle enjoyed science and nature, and in 1660 he devoted himself to the religious order of the Jesuits and took his vows, he never married. [La Salle asked and was released from the Jesuit order]

In 1666, La Salle sailed for New France, as he called it, currently simply known as the United States. He was practically destitute. With 18 Native Americans, La Salle canoed down the Mississippi River; he named it La Louisiane in honor of Louis XIV and buried an engraved plate with a cross in order to claim it for France.

It’s time to find that Cross and finish the consecration of Louisiana to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


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