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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
16 February 2017

Calling All Brothers [sistahs] And Sisters [brothuhs] To Fight MSM Truth Oppressors!

An open letter to all fans & friends of the Mike Church Show and The CRUSADE Channel.

Hello brothers [sistahs] & sisters [brothas]!

I have ONE simple question I really need you to answer for me in the form of a request: Will you take this note and promote the CRUSADE Channel/Mike Church Show to just ONE friend or family member?

If yes, I provide simple tools to download our app AND get them a FREE, 14 day trial membership below. Please respond to me (yep, this email came from MY email address) with your excited agreement. Do you need ME to make the appeal? then send me a name and email address…done!

If NO, will you please do me a favor and tell me what the objection is so I can work on addressing it?

Here is the QR code that downloads my FREE Veritas Radio Network app to any smartphone….

“But, Mitter Chur, she doesn’t have a QR player on her iPhone!” No, worries, click below to install a FREE QR reader:

iPhone-iPad: The QR Code Reader & Scanner.

Android: QR Droid Code Scanner

Now, here is the QR Code, simply scan it from your friend’s smartphone and install the app.


Click here to sign them up for a 14 day FREE trial of the Founder’s Pass!

Quicklinks to assist in presenting the VRN site & Mike Church Show.

Why become a Founder’s Pass member?  Here’s why!

Wanna dazzle them with Mike Church Show highlights?, here ya go.

Folks, without your assistance, the chance of the CRUSADE Channel reaching your friends or family are as likely as the Has-Been-Media helping to Make ‘Muricah Great Again!

Humbly yours,


p.s. If you want to score KingDude, Red-Pill Brownie points, PLEASE write a brief testimonial about the CRUSADE Channel or your favorite show on it by clicking here.

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