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Monday, July 26th, 2010

Its Not An Issue Of Race

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The Issue With Sherrod Shouldn't Be About Race But What She Was Doing In The First Place - and what was that you may ask?  It was the entire job of giving money out to farmers who were about to lose their farms.  Now this might sound really cruel to people who are still choking of the red pill, but if you want a constitutional government it is time you wake up and smell the coffee, that things will not be easy and we will not have tons o….Continue

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Our Newest Sponsor

Contains Exclusive: Audio

If you listened to the show today, you will have heard that we have a new "sponsor", Lieco.  This is Lieco's first time advertising with us and we are hoping for some feedback on whether they should stay with us or not.  It is important to have the right fit with your "sponsors". In case you missed the show, and any of the rebroadcasts, you can find the audio of the commercial below. Lieco's first advertisement with t….Continue

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Is Louisana Listening?

Contains Exclusive: Audio

Why does it seem that NO ONE in Louisiana is listening?  We have politicians saying its an emergency, it IS an emergency, swiftness and decisiveness is required and yet Bobby Jindal will not take over and kick out the federal government.   Just this morning we are listening to how the Army Corps of Engineers (who do not have the largest of fan bases in New Orleans) decided that they would take weekends off.  Not only is it insu….Continue

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Caller Inspires Truth Of 2nd Amendment And Federal Powers

Contains Exclusive: Audio

Every now and again a caller gets through that not only makes sense and has taken the red pill, but starts Mike on such a furry of information that we fear our listeners may go into shock and crash from the sheer impact of what Mike is saying.  This listener did just that, and the response has already been dropped into the flash drive buried out back. Mike And Caller Discover Federalism At The Point Of A Gun….Continue

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Lieberman Wants To Model American Policy Off Of CHINA?!

Contains Exclusive: Audio

On Sunday, on State of the Union Sen. Joe Lieberman got up and defended the undefendable, the idea that Obama should not only have the power to order Internet Service Providers to shut down, but that Obama should have this power BECAUSE CHINA DOES!  What?!  Is the senator, honestly suggesting that the country founded upon liberty, that placed first and foremost in the Bill of Rights the state that Congress Shall make NO law regarding the freedom of speech, that a cou….Continue

Monday, June 21st, 2010

War on The Tea Party - The Beer Party Will Put Up A Fight

Contains Exclusive: Audio

 It seems that the left cannot help but go on a crusade against the Tea party, but a new weapon has now been added.  If you are against the federal government in ANY way, you MUST believe that BP is good and not responsible for what happened in the Gulf.  I usually spend some time explaining the clip that we are going to play, but to understand this clip one only needs to remember, that we are at war, and if you are not radical enough, you will be standing still….Continue

Friday, June 18th, 2010

When The Executive Branch Stops Executing

Contains Exclusive: Audio

Listen to the Clip Here! So if we are to give into Hillary Clinton's argument about the federal government having sole authority over immigration, and we HAVE immigration laws that have enforcement measures written in the law, than the federal government must accept TOTAL responsibility for enforcing the laws.  And the person in charge of enforcement? - President OBAMA.   So what happens when you have a President who rules through his ex….Continue

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Coast Guard Does Obama's Dirty Work

Contains Exclusive: Audio

What happens when the KingDude finds out that Obama's Reign of Fire is now keeping LOCALS from scooping oil out of their own backyards? Listen and learn young talk-show Padawan. Click Here to Listen….Continue

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

The Same Media Different Capabilities?

Contains Exclusive: Audio

Isn't it amazing how much we now know about all of the BP employees?  We know where they went to school, if they have ever had pets, if they ever were late to work, and its all thanks to the painstaking obsession of news groups like CNN.  Really this is impressive.  So where were they when Obama, who had a plethora of juicy stories with large loose ends during the campaign?   The King Dude starts off with general frustration ab….Continue

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Health Care When Confronted With Reality

Contains Exclusive: Audio

It has been almost a whole month since Mike went on a good old fashioned health care rant, but today was special.  Because as Obama, congress and the rest of the libtard armies out there lead us in a lemming-like manner towards more and more socialism.  Those countries most famous for socialized medicine, namely one directly north of us, Canada, are coming to terms with the real cost of their version of health care, and it is neither pre….Continue

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Obama has the motives to destroy LA with BP Oil

Contains Exclusive: Audio

Who has the motivation to prevent cleanup crews from working the sliming of our marsh's in LA? A: Obama. Who has the motivation to vilify theoil industry for personal gain? Listen as the KingDude lays out the too easy to be made case against Dear Leader, ChairMan MaObama. Obama has the motives and the resources to use the BP spill to his green job advantage….Continue

Monday, May 24th, 2010

A Little Personal Story - It Happens Even To The Dude

Contains Exclusive: Audio

Yes it even happens to the KingDude.  What happens?  The effects of the federal government, specifically the Army Corps of Engineers and how its power extends all the way to a small town in the middle of nowheresville and how in order to do something on your land, that has only a drainage ditch that connects to a river 6 miles away. That's right, a small ditch that does not even directly connect to a river until 6 miles later gives the federal government COMPLETE con….Continue

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Sob Stories Do Not Change The Truth

Contains Exclusive: Audio

Let us set the record straight, Mike's philosophies are not purely ideal, he believes these even when exposed to real life.  A caller tried to trip Mike up by explaining the difficulties that he endures with his daughter who is handicapped (needing a wheelchair) and how businesses would never do anything without a threat of fines or damages that are guarenteed ONLY under the federal law.  Now Mike doesn't have a problem with a STATE pass….Continue

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

The Winning Message Of The Tea Party

Contains Exclusive: Audio

The scariest thing has happened for the establishments of both parties.  A libertarian/"third party" individual was able to surpass the hurdle that left the parties in their secure positions.  The problem has been that libertarians have the worst organizing skills traditionally.  Large group gatherings and campaign machines have always been where the majority of minor candidates have fallen.  The fact that Rand Paul w….Continue

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Selling Off Your Hubby To Cover Your Debts - Shame On You Hillary

Contains Exclusive: Audio

Some of you on the Democrats email lists or who have seen the head line, have heard that Bill Clinton is auctioning off himself in a raffle to help pay down Hillary's multi-million dollar debt from her Presidential Campaign.  It seems a little weird that she would use this method, after all what are government bailouts for if not a special person who is connected with the Administration? But on a more serious note, could not  this be used to influence and even contro….Continue

Monday, May 10th, 2010

A Quick Look Back At History Shows Us Our Future

Contains Exclusive: Audio

We should never just toss out history or the lessons that were learned in the past.  Especially when people lose faith in the future.  With the newest nomination to the Supreme Court many people will ask, what options do we have?  Well Mike has a simple answer that came from something that some wouldn't believe even if we video taped it (which we have), Mike researching  for his movies. The movie this time is the Prequel to The Spirit of '76 its the Road To….Continue

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Unintended Consequences Of AZ Law

Contains Exclusive: Audio

Here is a positive unintended consequences of the new Arizona Law, the SEIU has threatened to leave the state unless the law is revoked.  Can you imagine such a boon?  Hey!  SEIU, was that a promise? Are you really going to go?  I can't think of a happier end to this story.  It might actually be worth the threat of racism if for no other reason than kicking out that union.   So that's your moment of silver lining, but….Continue

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

One Fool Cannot Be Expected To Fix What Another Fool Created

Contains Exclusive: Audio

Some of our listeners seem to be of the opinion that as long as we replace the incumbents in Washington, D.C. But it is not just enough to replace a person, you have to make sure that the people who you are sending to Washington, D.C.are not as bad as those who came before them.  Now this isn't an issue of the Devil you know vs. the Devil you don't.  We encourage, it should be a demand but we only advise, that you know both "devils"  so that you can pi….Continue

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

A Hard Pill To Swallow - Obama Was Right

Contains Exclusive: Audio

Believe it or not, Obama was right and the King Dude agreed with him.  This past Saturday (May 1st) Obama gave the commencement Speech at Michigan University.  In this speech he talked about the role of government and our involvement within that government.   Specifically he pointed out how the idea of limited government is laughable.  I am sure most of you are wondering how Mike could agree with any of this.  Well Mike do….Continue

Friday, April 30th, 2010

If The Republican Party Were Smart

Contains Exclusive: Audio

If the Republican Party was actually smart, well that would be impressive n the least, but what if they were?  Than the deal with Arizona Immigration would be handled entirely differently, and instead of joining the outcry against a State taking care of itself, we would see a large party support for showing the Federal Government, if you don't get your act together we will prove we don't need you.   In essense that is why the federal gov….Continue

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