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04 February 2013

Church Doctrine – The Grass Is Always Greener Over The NFL’s Septic Tanks


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The Grass Is Always Greener Over The NFL’s Septic Tanks
©2012 Mike Church

That NFL Commish Roger Goodell has got some nerve. Nerve enough to have subjected hundreds of millions worldwide to the lewd sexcapades of Madonna, M-I-A, Fergie, Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson but now his league has grown a conscience over the practice of “bounties” paid to Saints defensive players for allegedly inflicting injuries on opposing offenses. Brett Favres bobos will heal but the collective damage done to the public’s threshold for good taste by Goodell/NFL sanctioned “half-time shows” will not.

*The story goes like this: former Saints Defensive co-ordinator Gregg Williams promised cash bounties to be paid for putting opposing offensive players on gurneys wheeled into locker rooms. Commentators at ESPN have been drooling over the “penalties” that will be coming at Williams, Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis and even the players’ way come March 25th with one ESPN analyst comparing the “bounty scandal” to Paul Hornung and Alex Karras’s infamous gambling scam from the 1960’s. Hornung was ultimately admitted into the NFL’s Hall of Fame, that’s quite a “penalty” but this is ESPN & the NFL after all.

On one sports blog a writer accused the Who Dat pros of “organized savagery” while another drones on about the ‘dime store patriotism’ NFL players are supposed to exhibit. Remember last season’s “Go  pink” gamedays? I wonder if either has looked into the ‘patriotic, dime store savagery’ meted out to unborn children with funds raised by the NFL & the Saints**** for its support of the Susan G Komen foundation who in 2009 donated $760,000*** to the abortionists at Planned Parenthood clinics?

While the NFL plays pious and pure its on and off the field actions tell the story of an organization that hasn’t met many offensive acts, athletic, musical or medical, not worthy of their bounty.


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