If A President Has A Secret Kill List He Can’t Be A U.S. President

©2012 Mike Church

The Monday edition of the New York Slimes blared the headline “Secret Kill List Proves A Test of Obama’s Principles”. This of course assumes that OUR principles matter not, seeing as how our royally “elected” dictators cannot locate any restrictions on the extent of their powers in the Constitution. Constitutions aside I have to wonder just what kind of “freedom” citizens of these United States actually enjoy if under orders issued by our “President” we can be “neutralized”.

In the City of New Orleans there is currently a campaign being waged to try and halt the senseless killing of innocent children by depraved thugs. Vast government resources, with the support of the citizenry are being employed in this noble effort while 850 miles away vast government resources are being employed in an effort TO kill American citizens whose innocence or guilt will never be determined because there will never be an attempt to give them due process.

According to the NY Slimes, Obama’s version of the 5th Amendment’s guaranty to not “be deprived of life” without due process is to have White House employees vote in a poll. I rather prefer the image of Joaquin Phoenix in the film “Gladiator” where the Emperor gave an up or down thumb, at least then you knew if your number was up and who ordered the hit.

Of course the late news of Miss America being searched by TSA thugs in that most intimate of female places with nary a hero nearby to take out the rogue agent nor an uproar from an offended public says all we need to know about President Obama’s “Secret Kill List”: if I ain’t on it, I don’t care.

So we’ve gone from revolting against George III’s “long train of abuses” to meekly accepting a U.S. President’s “short-secret kill list”. And by the way, when U.S. Presidents can order killings, they no longer deserve the honorable distinction: U.S.