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The NFL’s Production Of Super Bowlapalooza Is Disgraceful
©2012 Mike Church

Before the Material Tramp could even be seen at the start of Sunday’s SuperBowl halftime show, I knew there would be trouble. At least the Romans had the courtesy to kill off most of the ribald participants in their gladiator games whereas the NFL makes you sit through being flipped off while the musical gladiators are applauded. If you can find it, this is good work that pays millions but I wonder how many Americans who watched this performance prefer the gladiator’s fate for the performers?

Now why would I say such a thing, isn’t this free-market-capitalism at it’s best? Well perhaps it is but when capitalists served up millions of doses of FDA approved Vioxx that did not spare the company from paying damages to those injured by the product. And McDonalds no longer serves coffee hot enough to outdo the revved up temperatures of Madonna cohorts MIA and LMFAO. So I ask the question: is this the best the NFL … wait let me ask again, since this is “America’s Game” is this the best we can do!? Well, yes, and I wonder just what the soulless hacks at the NFL can do for an encore?

When I asked Professor Paul Gottfried what the purpose of modern conservatism is he told me “to establish the eternal pre-conditions for a Good Society.” What good pre-conditions, praytel are any Americans preserving by whooping loudly at the degenerating successions of Superbowl halftimes? The same can be said of nearly all the current offerings from HBO and Showtime and 10,000 other media companies that do the work of desensitizing Americans that Communists abandoned many years ago, knowing full well that “capitalism”, if given the chance would indeed sell the rope used to hang our culture and Madonna’s entrance into Lucas Oil Field.