Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Transcript - On today's show, Chuck Thompson, author of "Better Off Without 'em" joined Mike for a friendly discussion about secession.  Chuck believes that the North and South have gone their separate ways for over 200 years not only in politics, but also in culture, so why not have an amicable split?  There are, of course, a few details that Mike and Chuck disagree on (like Texas going to the North?) but the overall idea is basically the same, that the more local the government, the better for everyone involved.  For more with Chuck, check out today's transcript and a clip from his interview...

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Mike:  Chuck, good to have you with us.  Thanks for stopping by.  Welcome to the program.  How are you?

Chuck Thompson:  I’m doing all right.  Thanks for having me on.

Mike:  I hadn’t seen the cover of the book until I went and looked at it on Friday night with the big St. Andrew’s cross with the stars across it, the Southern rebel battle flag, on the cover of the book.  Tell the audience a little bit about the book.

Chuck:  Well, the book is pretty simple.  It’s a modern take on the contemporary South from the Northern, liberal, lefty, loathsome, socialist point of view, from the point of view of me and I think a lot of people actually.  One of the things I’d hoped to do with this book is articulate what seems to me to be this growing dissatisfaction and frustration and at times outright anger and hostility on the part of some Northern liberals and even Southern liberals about the current political state of the conservative South.  There are a lot of ways to define the South.  You can lump it into anywhere from 12 to 16 or 17 states.  A lot of people say that the South is a state of mind, since we all know

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