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05 December 2017

De Homine Lecture Series Chat & Classroom Homepage

Mandeville, LA – NOTE BENE!!! This is the HOMEPAGE for de Homine, it will ALWAYS be the homepage for the chatroom link. There will be individual pages for EACH lecture discussion with that lecture’s audio file. You can subscribe to the de Homine Podcast feed using a Podcast or RSS reader app by clicking here.

Brother André Marie sets up the de Homine course for us:

A philosopher is a lover of wisdom, as contrasted with a sophist, who takes himself to be already wise. If you are a lover of wisdom, boy do we have an idea for you!

And the lecturer extraordinaire, Brother Francis explains our ultimate purpose in taking Thomistic philosophy to begin with.

“Wisdom is the most perfect knowledge of the most important truths in the right order of emphasis, accompanied by a total, permanent disposition to live accordingly.” —Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M.

Beginning Wednesday, February 8, we will begin a new online philosophical study. (“We” being Mike Church, David Simpson, myself — along with a chatroom full of Veritas Radio Network listeners.) The subject of our studies will be De Homine (about man), one of the thirty-five treatesises in Saint Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae. The principal guide to our studies will be Brother Francis, whose lectures each student will listen to separately prior to the one-hour discussions.

Join The LIVE Chat Right Here Every Wednesday Night At 06:00 Central!

The course is available as an mp3 download from Brother André’s site here. We will be recording each episode of our commercial free chats open to the public and posting them on our FREE deHomine Podcast Feed. When the feed is LIVE on iTunes I will update the link for it, here is the “Album Cover” so you’ll know what to look for.

To signup for the course and obtain the lectures at a 20% discount simply contact me via email

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