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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
15 May 2017

Debbie Schlussel Sets The Record Straight

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Number one, I have known Debbie since 2005, the first time she was a guest on my show.  About two years later, she began doing movie reviews for the Mike Church Show.  Debbie was a frequent guest on the Mike Church Show on Sirius XM Right Channel, which then became the Patriot Channel.  Before you get out there and start making your little comments about who I am and who I am not, and whether or not I knew Debbie, just know that I’ve known her professionally since 2005.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  People have been saying lots of things about you.  How do you get to this book signing?  Were you invited?  Were you a correspondent at that time?  Had you ever been on the show?  Tell the audience what was going on.

Debbie Schlussel:  I had been on Sean Hannity’s show, his TV and his radio show a few times at that point.  He contacted me and told me he wanted me to be on his show when he was going to be here in Detroit.  He was doing his TV show from Dearborn, Michigan.  When he got here, that day he said he was having a book signing at Barnes & Noble.  It may have been Borders.  It was one of those two bookstores in Novi.  He said he wanted me to come to his book signing, which I thought was very odd and weird, but I wanted to be on his show and so on.  I complied.  I thought maybe he was going to tell me what the topics of the show are going to be.  I think some of his producers were going to be at the bookstore and turned out to be at the bookstore, whatever.  I got there and he asked me to stand at this podium with him where he was signing books.  It was very weird.  I felt totally odd because people came there to have him sign his book.  They didn’t want to meet – they weren’t there to meet me or have me stand at a podium.  It was just very strange.

After the book signing was over, I wanted to go home so I could get ready for the show that night.  He asked me if I would come back with him to his hotel.  I said: No, I have to get ready.  Then when I got to the show later that evening, in Dearborn, he also tried to invite me back to his hotel and I turned him down.  That night, when I was on his show, I was treated horribly and so on.  He came up to me and said – they never told me what the topic of the show was going to be other than Islam and the Middle East and terrorism.  That’s not really specific enough of a topic.

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I’ve heard it throughout radio in New York and so on from people I know that knew the situation.  There are other accusations.  There’s a host, a drunken alcoholic, named Jaz McKay, whose show I used to be on.  I say he’s a drunken alcoholic because he has even acknowledged that to me.  I don’t know how reliable he is.  He used to talk about one of his colleagues and rivals who’s also in Bakersfield, California who was frequently a guest host on Sean Hannity and Mark Levin’s show.  He would tell me there was something going on with her and Sean and that Sean’s plane would land in California.

I once actually confronted her about it and told her that Jaz McKay was saying this.  She denied it.  Most people are not going to admit things.  They are going to deny it, especially if they didn’t exactly refuse things.  I don’t know if that story is true.  I do know that Jill Vitale, Flirty Flipper, did confirm to me and now she’s lying.  I’m not the only person to say these things.  Sean is a very creepy, weird guy.  He creeped me out.  I felt very uncomfortable.  I didn’t plan this out.  People say I want money.  If I wanted money, I would have sued –

Mike:  You’re a lawyer.   You would have sued him a long time ago.

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Schlussel:  Exactly.  There’s nothing to gain from it.  I was asked a question.  I gave an impromptu answer on Friday.  That’s it.  People say I’m a liberal far leftist or a feminist or a snowflake.

Mike:  You’re a Soros plant, too.  Don’t forget that one.

Schlussel:  Yeah, I was just going to say, and I’m getting paid by George Soros.  Before any of these moron, Hannitybots automatically would say all these baloney things and just believe whatever he says, those people didn’t even know who George Soros was.  I was one of the first who exposed him and write against him.  I was attacked by Media Matters for that.  I know what I’m talking about.  These people weren’t there.  They’re all saying: Sean is a very strong family man and good father and he would never do that.  How do they know?  How do they know what kind of father he is, what kind of husband, what kind of man he is?  Nobody knows.  Even oftentimes spouses don’t know what their spouse is like until they find out that certain things are going on.  Nobody knows anybody.  These people watch a TV show and listen to a radio show.  They don’t know anything.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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