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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
13 February 2013

Climate Change We Can Believe In

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and Audio – Is Obama really egotistical enough to believe that we, in our tiny miniscule existence compared to God and nature, can change the planets cycles? Does he really want us to go into another Ice Age? Practically nothing can survive during an Ice Age. If it warms up a little bit, that’s fine, we’ll adapt and crops will probably be more plentiful in a warmer climate… but nothing can grow when the ground is frozen. To think that the 300 Million or so of us living here in North America can change the way the planet has gone about it’s business for so long is absolutely ridiculous. Check out more on the State of the Union Address and climate change on today’s Founders TV.




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2 Responses

  1. freeper7

    It’s not a question of ego, Mike. Obama knows that this climate change BS is just that, BS. But it is ready-made for the low information voter (read recent high school grad, recent college grad) who can be fed this BS and think it is a Bacon Sandwich.

    The climate change scam is perfect cover for further encroachments against our natural rights to life, liberty and property.

    1. Duane Cunnningham

      Freerper7; I totally agree..
      I believe Obama’s intentions are more incidious then that. He is an ideologue. His arguments are mostly fallacious. He uses verbosity, argument to the man or party, “shooting the messenger”, pitting one class against the other, demagauging, selective cherry picking of statistics, versus any logical syllogism that comes to a valid conclusion. But it sounds good to the “low inforamation voter”! He prays upon the ignorant, telling them what they want to hear, providing the government solution, for which “I” am giving “You” the people.. “I” am protecting “You” the sheeple. ..a true populist, and a benevolent King.

      He creates a victim to achieve this. He then uses his fallacious arguments to support that victim with a solution, of bigger government, more programs, more money to be spent, with an empathy of the victim. He can make the victim, a criminal, and a criminal the victim (such as law abiding gun owners being made into a criminal). Thus the victim for whatever reason is in a quip pro quo relationship with government, owing a loyalty for being given something, for which Obama, and others do not have the constitutional authority to give. To further this, he has shown a proclivity to “executive authority” as a political statment, to give what the people want overriding the Congress, and using the excuse that “something must be done”. We must be saved, and he is our savior…”I” will do it for “You”, and thus “You” the victim is saved…He conveniently provides the solution, for which the oppostion is in the position of the problem, preventing it from happening. He and the Democrats are doing this so well, that in an attempt to moderate, the right ACCEPTS a waterdown version of the solution, which is still big goverment, jsut not as big….

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