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23 April 2018

Headed Into The Trenches With CRUSADER Women – Becky Carter, Megan Schrieber Interview

Mandeville, LA – Special Guest Megan Schreiber & Becky Carter from Helena Daily

  • Thriving in the Trenches
  • Story of how they ended up with Carrie Gress
  • Becky Carter’s reversion story – My husband had an Epistemological Crisis. Once I opened those doors it was like a flood gate and I was all in!
  • My parents never stopped praying for me.
  • Megan Schreiber – had issue with what was being taught in her child’s school about sexuality from the DRE that was in a same-sex relationship. (this was about 3 years ago.)
  • We decided to leave the school because of this.
  • This was about our kids souls.
  • These DRE’s are infamous around here for ruining traditional teachings especially when it comes to sexuality.
  • I am not a bigot, if this DRE was that outspoken on another Church teaching, I would have felt the same way and my actions would have been the exact same.
  • Helena Daily – we both help select the articles that are posted and there are several different tabs such as:
  • Podcast Page
  • Videos Page
  • Those prayers that parents are praying, to get their children back into the Church…back HOME.
  • Never stop praying for your children especially if they are not in the Catholic Church.
  • Don’t ever stop loving them. Always do the seed planting. Never give up on them.
  • There is great power in prayer and fasting. HE loves your children more than you do so never stop asking for his intercession and help to get your children back.
  • These young girls see the way these boys are growing up porn crazed and they go lesbian because they don’t want anything to do with it.
  • It was easy for me to fall away because I wasn’t Catechized.
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