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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
08 November 2017

Hey Wil Wheaton: Real Men Pray & Accept “Thy Will Be Done”, What’s Your Excuse?

Mandeville, LAHollywood Heretics To The Faithful: Drop Dead, Your Prayers Didn’t Work In Texas.

By Mike Church

“If Red Seas worked, Pharoah’d still have his Moses.” – Logical response to apostate Wil Wheaton.

Actors Will Wheaton and Michael McKean took to that “final frontier” of intellectual discourse, Twitter, to vent their hatred for prayer and by admission declare themselves apostates and they threw in some Harvey Weinstein pleasing vulgarity too.

One Catholic gentleman’s response to a world given over to madness and sin with a side of blasphemy and apostate pudding for dessert.

The Lord’s prayer contains the following eternally memorable lines. Since man will rarely know the will of God and Our Lord told us to “pray always”, the Holiness, meaning and beauty of the following is clear.

Thy Kingdom come

Adveniat Regnum tuum

THY will be done

Fiat voluntas tua

To make the blasphemous remark that prayers don’t work because bad things happened in a church where praying was being solemnly offered is not only sinful its illogical. Here’s some examples even the neanderthal apostate Wheaton might grasp. “If skeletons worked, Joe Theismann’s leg would never have been broken.” “If titanium ship hulls worked, the Titanic would never have sank.” And the kicker. “If Red Seas worked, Pharoah’d still have his Moses.”

I pray, Wil Wheaton and Michael McKean will beg God for mercy, recant their blasphemy and mortal sin of Despair, and aide the souls of the Sutherland TX massacre, so violently departed.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O’ Lord

Perpetual light shine upon them

May they rest in Peace, Amen (3 times).

Prayers taken from St Alphonsus’ Purgatorian Manual below.

This wonderful prayer guide to honor the Holy Souls in Purgatory is a convenient size to carry on your person and refer to often.

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