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20 March 2018

Hogs For Cause 2018 Fundraiser-Join Mike’s Barbacoa Brotherhood & Help Kill Pediatric Brain Cancer

Mandeville, LA – Over the last 6 years, Mike Church Show listeners have donated over $125,000 to Hogs For The Cause, a New Orleans area charity that serves the entire United States and families that have children suffering pediatric brain-cancers. My cooking team is legendary in these parts as the go-to guys when a charity event needs great food and we’re proud of that tradition.

Mike visiting with 2016 Hogs grant recipient Courtney Lemoine and family.

The Barbacoa Brotherhood now has our own webstore for Hogs, auction items including Phil Mickelson collectibles and fine wines unavailable for retail sale and our other event sales and of course our famous line of clothes and caps, rubs and more!

BID NOW ON THIS PHIL MICKELSON SIGNED SET OF MASTERS™ COLLECTIBLES! Over the last 6 years this site and the Mike Church Show’s fans have raised over $125,000 to assist families with children suffering pediatric brain cancer. Our campaign for 2018 has begun and ends March 23rd, PLEASE consider joining or supporting the Barbacoa Brotherhood’s efforts to raise funds this by visiting our site, picking a support level and making a purchase or donation. ALL proceeds benefit the Hogs For The Cause charity.

This year I am asking you to again donate to Hogs and have added the urgency of funding the Barbacoa Brotherhood room at the new Hogs House, providing on-campus lodging for families that have children being treated at Children’s Hospital NOLA! The Hogs House features private bedrooms with a lounge area, a full service eat-in kitchen a full service laundry room and much more.

This year, there are more ways than ever to assist the Barbacoa Brotherhood’s, Hogs For The Cause’s efforts:

• Sponsor us with our new sponsorship packages: Alliance, Guild,  Kinship, Fellowship, Community and Fraternity.

Make CA$H Donations in ANY amount to Hogs citing the Barbacoa Brotherhood as your team of choice.

Buy Barbacoa Brothehood 2018 schwag including new two tone baseball caps, new Barbacoa Brotherhood tee-shirts, work shirts and chef coats!

Volunteer to become a Fellowship volunteer or a full-fledged member of the Barbacoa Brotherhood!

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