Mr. Church,

1. "You people" is indeed demeaning.  But please continue.  It is your show.

2. Matriculate.  People do not matriculate to the city.  They move to the city.

3. Prurient?  Wanton desires.

4. What is insensitive?  Responding to a caller who mentioned he is paying $1,500 a month for his family insurance?  Laughing and wishing him the best of luck.  It is your show.

5. How about using your critical thinking skills to examine church history?  The Catholic Church is not the first or the only Church.  How about using those thinking skills to examine Catholic dogma?  If you were to do so, you would find that the Church established in the first century looks nothing like the Catholic Church of today or in history.

6.  I am sorry to hear that flip flops represents a disdain for the self.  I am sure if Jesus were to come around wearing sandals that you would bitch about them.  No Christian gentleman would wear sandals in public!


Mike Church responds:

Dear Phil,

Comments 1-6 do not reflect effusively on the person who sent them, operating under the pretense of mannered/cultured/linguistic superiority he claims to criticize.

1. Explain why "you people" is demeaning. It carries no insult, no epithet, implies no class or designation other than "you" and "people". Please enlighten all of us on the team on what is preferred as an alternative sobriquet.

2. Nice. Listen to (or read transcripts of) Daniel Webster for 3 hours and I wonder how many misplaced/misused words you might find? I am not arrogant enough to imply or state "perfection" in my elocution, the envious do that on my behalf, lucky me!

3. See #2 although I suspect I used prurient in a manner proper to its elucidation. Perhaps we can study the etymology of the word and find a more appropriate classical usage that would keep you digital pen in its particular sheath.

4. Yes, that gentleman thanks you for defending his damaged ego on his behalf. What was the "proper" response, Mr. H. ? Tears? A fund raising drive to make up the difference? What should be his rate then so I would know how much I and Dr. Phil are to raise to close the deficit?

5. Please be specific and quote me for me when was ever said that the Church of today is a carbon copy of the 1st century Church? I merely stated that, from Christ, it was and is the first Church. Is this historical fact in dispute here Mr Holley? I am well aware that the history of the Church is rife with imperfections, then again so is Man. Unless your name is Phillip Holley, from behind glass walls throwing stones of infallibility.

6. Were "sandals" proper dress at the time? You really have a problem with someone encouraging the men who are to lead and serve as examples for the next generation to dress the part of proper gentlemen? Really? I challenge you to compose a 500 word tome on the subject and I shall contribute 500 as well, we shall publish them together and let an excited audience decide their preference although admission will be closed by the following sign, with apologies to Kenny Chesney; "No shoes, no shirt, no entrance."

This response along with your original post will be published at mike, I will look forward to your continued non-filiopiety there.


Mike Church