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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
28 November 2012
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Hate Mail: Mike-Stop Making Parody Songs and Learn To Spell “Seceed” Correctly!

Mandeville, LA – Sometimes the hate mail bag contains things we just cannot resist from posting. Sometimes this is due to the writer making a valid point in disagreement, more often it is because the writer wishes to be the next in a 20 year long line of Mike Church haters who predict his demise while making irrelevant, rambling, insulting “points” about Mike, masked as comments on the radio show. Minnette M.’s note falls into category 2 and is an amusing little ditty we thought worthy of posting. (The note is posted as received-NOT edited)

Hear the story of the United States AFTER the Constitution like you’ve never heard it before

“Hello, Not sure if you’ll read this but I have a quick commentary of your show. Although I agree with most of what you say, it really depresses me to hear you any longer. We cannot seceed, so where else is there to go? To hear you talk, I might as well just kill myself. I find that the repetitiveness of your show, for example, the constant replay of your lyrics with famous tunes and the nearly hour long informercial selling your DVDs (editor’s note: We actually PAY Sirisu/XM for our advertisements for the Founders Tradin’ Post), so incessant that your show’s pace is rather dull. I now have to change my satelllite radio at 5 AM. I LOVE the Patriot Channel. You are very fortunate indeed to have material for a full 30 minutes of programming over the three hours since most of your show is what my dad would call: Pete and Repeat! Save your informercials and wacky, boring, tunes for the last hour. Better, write lyrics to your own original tunes. Good luck. “

Mike Church responds:

When I dislike a TV show, I stop watching it, I figure my absence in the audience is enough of a protest but I digress. Your soon to be very public diatribe is unworthy of a detailed response except to correct spelling (it is “secede”) and the audaciously incorrect: I actually PAY Sirius/XM for the advertising done on my show for my product line, just like any other advertiser.

I am posting your note publicly for all to see but will withhold your full name & e-mail address. You are free to comment on the item and reveal how proud you are of the work contained therein if you wish.

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  1. Colin

    Compared to the other Patriot Channel Talk Shows, I believe I’m right in stating that your Show has the least amount of Commercials. I know this because I don’t have to switch Channels as often.

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