Updated with Editor's Note: Richard has discovered that his letter was published and in a growing fit of rage and delusion, fired off 4 sccessive, progrogressively outraged responses to other member's responses, they are all gathered into one post in the comment section below, followed by Mike Church's response.

Tampa, FL - From today's show-the email I read on-air:


Your learned grasp of American history and respect for Liberty notwithstanding, you are wasting your breathe trying to interject those principled arguments into this campaign.  While I am not thrilled with 1) our candidate and 2) the behaviour of the party leadership, we are in the middle of a fight with a Democratic statists for the leadership reigns of the country.  For Ron Paul supporters, including yourself, to sit on the sidelines with your bat and ball, refusing to do the right and correct thing, which is to support Romney now that he is the chosen candidate, is pathetic, disappointing and dangerous.  There is too much at stake and the margins are too thin to be playing "holdout" at this late stage.  Save it for after we take control back, or loose your voice.  If you insist on playing the spoiler, we *will* turn our back on you and your show.

ps- I like alot of what Mr. Paul stands for, but after watching him during the debate, I realized he could never be President.  He has zero "presidential" presence, with his tossled hair and nervous snickering.  I'd swear he was standing pidgeon-toed on stage, as if he had to go to the bathroom. For God's sake, I half expected him to wipe his nose with his sleeve, like some ridalin-regulated ADD adolescent.  Mr. Washington or Mr. Jefferson, Ron Paul is not, and to think he is a viable candidate is absurd.


Troy, VA