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11 December 2012

Breakthrough Video: Our Out of Scale Leviathan Defies Founding Fathers Design

Mandeville LA – It is with great joy that I (and the ghosts of the Founding Fathers) watched Part I of IV of the Abbeville Institute’s groundbreaking video “Is America Too Big”? presented by Professor Donald Livingston and author Kirkpatrick Sale. The video picks up where Livingston’s book – ReThinking The American Union – and his radio interviews with Mike Church, left off: adding a visual component to the issue of scale and our governments. Mike has dozens of transcripts on this site about this issue including here and here and what to do about it. We invite your comments.

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  1. Paul Arias

    I brought this up at LPAC this year and boy was I immediately put down by someone that I never thought wouold outright dissmiss it – Jack (The Southern Avenger) Hunter. Suprised to say the least since he seemed to espouse these views. When we think in the context of representation how can one man (or woman) get to know thier “consituents” and represent them when the scale is of todays largesse?
    Time to break the “union” up into smaller pieces.

    1. freeper7

      The union is already broken into 50 smaller pieces. What we need to do, IMHO, is make the federal Leviathan the size that would allow it to conduct the original meaning of the enumerated powers and let the 50 smaller pieces be governed by a citizenry educated to do so.

  2. Mike Blasey

    we should rethink the scale of our state governments as well. Maryland has 5.5 million citizens but only has 141 delegates. that is roughly 39,000 citizens per representative. this need to be no more than 10,000 per rep.
    how big is your state? how many reps. do you have? think about it!

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