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05 March 2014

How The Non-Profits Expand Government by Shooting Lame Ducks

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republican-shirt-ifyouhavetoaskMandeville, LA– [r]epublican (and listener to the Mike Church Show) Sandi discovers first hand what Mike speaks of when he decries the “non-profits” as “being in on it”. The “It” being the revolving door of money that flows to non-profits via Mordor’s tax shelter policies (tax codes) that is then used to devise new ways to “reform” or “improve”, heck even “expand” the already menacing Leviathan.

(editor’s note, this piece was originally posted on 27 November, 2012)

In this case,  capital was transferred to non-profit AFP to employ Mr. Programmer Parasite to devise the online video game that AFP’s contributing members can use to continue the cycle of non-productivity – they could spend the time learning to hunt and shoot actual ducks and make their time REALLY productive & tasty.

Now, sans the Mordor tax code, the capital stays where it was earned, is plowed into an engineers work designing the reusable milk carton. Result? No time spent “shooting” lame ducks and more time spent hunting ducks that go into a pasta dish made with heavy cream from the reusable milk container.

Hi Mr Church,

I always think of you when I receive these type of emails. I’m glad member’s contributions have been spent on the production of a new exciting Facebook game for people to waste their time playing…

Sandi, NJ


A Screenshot of the lame-o “Lame Duck” game

AFP Lame Duck online game


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