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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
16 May 2017

The Mike Church Show Episode 360 Podcast: The Stench Of The YouBoob AntiCulture

Mandeville, LA – How You Downloaded My Movies on YouBoob And Ruined My Life – Rod Dreher wants you to know that YouBoob is your friend and it wants to help you protect the music and movies you worked so hard to write produce and direct. What’s that? You DIDN’T write any movies? Well, I’m sure you still understand that movie and music makers are entitled to Lear-jet led lives and a $50 million bankruptcy every 10 years because that’s capitalism baby and that’s the way ‘Muricah works! Actually Dreher’s point should be well taken, that the “digital world” has created monopolies that have ripped even modest profitability out from under the little guy who is publishing, movie-making or music making on “the internet” because ‘Muricans want “free-stuff!”. Dreher quotes Johnathan Taplan on who IS making an internet impact and its not the Mike Church Show, CRUSADE Channel or Carrie Gress: “I would say that in some sense I am a conservative, in the sense that I want to conserve a culture that I think is dying. The biggest star on YouTube until he blew up was Pewdiepie. His whole shtick was to play video games, and people would watch him play video games, and he would grimace. This guy had more followers on YouTube than Beyoncé![Note: He currently has over 55 million followers. — RD] This guy had no talent for anything. To my eyes, this was so symbolic about the end of a culture.” Indeed, can I get an “amen” to bring back home delivery of GRIT newspapers!?

What Did Ronald Reagan Know About Fatima That All The Fake Reagan Wannabe’s Don’t? – On today’s Fatima Extravaganza show featuring my “Murderer’s Row of Marian Heretic Slayers”, Brother André Marie, Chris Ferrara and Michael Hitchborn of The Lepanto Institute, we learned that in 1985, Ronald Reagan learned of Fatima Portugal’s importance to the effort against Russian Communism from the pope, John Paul II and even visited the site. This “historical excavation” as Ferrara put it, is an amazing historical find for the Fatima story’s continued buildup of importance and credibility among non-Catholics. We found the story from historian Paul Kengor who wrote“[P]ublic proof of Reagan’s knowledge of Fatima became unmistakably evident in this May 9th, 1985 speech, with a striking statement that left the Portuguese members of the parliament momentarily shocked as they listened to the translation of the president’s words. The passage came amid the American president’s thoughts on John Paul II…. No one has done more to remind the world of the truth of human dignity, as well as the truth that peace and justice begins with each of us, than the special man who came to Portugal a few years ago after a terrible attempt on his life. He came here to Fatima, the site of your great religious shrine, to fulfill his special devotion to Mary, to plead for forgiveness and compassion among men, to pray for peace and the recognition of human dignity throughout the world. When I met Pope John Paul II a year ago in Alaska, I thanked him for his life and his apostolate. And I dared to suggest to him the example of men like himself and in the prayers of simple people everywhere, simple people like the children of Fatima, there resides more power than in all the great armies and statesmen of the world.” Read the whole story here or listen to our podcast discussion of it here.

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