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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
15 June 2017

The Mike Church Show Episode 381 Podcast: Who Radicalized Steve Scalise’s Shooter?

Mandeville, LA – Steve Scalise Was Shot By A Symptom Of Our Dying “Democracy”, Who Will Put It Out of Its Misery And Spare The Rest of Us? – Shortly after Congressman Gabriela Giffords was shot by lunatic Jared Louchsner, the Media Industrial Complex got busy pinning the crime on former Alaska Governor Sara Palin who was changing a grandkid’s diapers in between field dressing a moose. The NY Daily News’ Michael Daly blared the headline: “Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ blood is on Sarah Palin’s hands after putting cross hair over district.” And just what had Sara Palin done to have Giffords nearly killed? Well, she issued the “call to arms” pictured below which is obviously a knockoff of the map used by the Zodiac Killer to get pumped up his next North Beach fix. The storyline of Sara – Son of Sam – Palin evaporated shortly after the facts were known about the deranged Jared Louchsner but the die was cast: in our “democracy” no one is responsible for anything they do because, to quote High School Musical 2 “We’re All In This Together”. Our precious “democracy” will not endure a wayward thought even one that lustfully spins yarns about ripping limbs off of and crushing the skulls of in-utero babies. That’s not the ramblings of a deranged child murderer, no that’s the “free speech” of a member of the “pro choice” groupthink a first cousin of the everyone else is “gay” so my kid must be (made to be) too, groupthink. Thus groupthink and forced groupthink when it comes to rejection of what our eyes, Faith and common sense tell us, is becoming so common it is almost organic. Except when it comes to the armies of satan acting upon the all-too-real diabolical instruction they’ve been given. Call them the Democracy Of the Damned or DOD for short. Read my whole essay here.

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