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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
19 June 2017

The Mike Church Show Episode 383 Podcast: If Amazon Eats The World… Robots take over the Earth?

Amazon Eats The World – If you’ve ever seen the Pixar movie Wall-E, you might remember Buy-N-Large, the satirical megacorporation that provided for every conceivable aspect of human existence. That’s basically Amazon’s business strategy now. The online retailer is taking at least one big step, and maybe two, towards becoming its cinematic doppleganger. Specifically, Amazon announced last week that it will buy the high-end grocerychain Whole Foods in 2017. And reports surfaced it might purchase the office messaging platform Slack as well. The Whole Foods purchase is disturbing because it signals Amazon’s belief that the food we consume to survive is in need of technology and centralization, the precise opposite of the Christian principal of Solidarity and Subsidiarity. Some say the story is the story of ‘Muricah becoming an Oligarch society, a charge that is correct. As Wilhelm Roepke pointed out 70 years ago, the neurotics are taking over. “Neurotics are in a position to make life hell for hundreds and thousands of people, and, as Boulding points out, there is a more than even chance that it will be precisely neurotics who get to the top and into a dominating position, because of their assertiveness and officiousness.” Indeed, Bezos, Zuckerberger et al have taken assertiveness to new, obscene levels, Roepke couldn’t have even imagined and the world’s only, True centralizer, The Church needs to make a stand against it before it’s too late.

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