Mandeville, LA - Outgoing Offense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the Pentagon is ordering women INTO combat units. At least one member of Gal-Queda is ecstatic about the equal opportunity of dismemberment in the latest slaughterhouse for "equality: the military.

" 'This is monumental,” said Anu Bhagwati, a former Marine captain and executive director of the Service Women’s Action Network, which has advocated for full inclusion for women. “Every time equality is recognized and meritocracy is enforced, it helps everyone and it will help professionalize the force.' "

No, this madame is an inexcusable assault on the threads of remaining chivalry and decency. Men that stand idly by while inferior women take bullets deserve the gallows of history. The Rubicon is now but a prologue, fading into the rear view mirror of an APC driven by a test-tube made heir of Molly Yard. We already fight wars of convenience all round the planet & now will send our women into combat to attempt victory for political convenience. The American Exceptionalism crowd that continues instigating our never-ending interventions abroad must be so very proud of themselves. Now we can begin to see the Army's female suicide rates spike just like the mens tragically are.

For shame...