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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
11 May 2012

Ooops-Chase Loses $2 BILLION in 6 Weeks To “Sloppy Accounting”!?

Proving the imbecility of the fiat/paper currency system of reserve notes and $500k government insured deposits, JP Morgan Chase blunders $2 BILLION in 6 weeks!? Could you “misplace” $2 BILLION in gold coins?

Puh-lease: Biden “apologizes” to Obama for beating him to the “I’m for gay marriage” punch thus “forcing the President’s hand” um he IS the Dear Leader President who’s hand hasn’t been forced on anything else he’s claimed unilateral dominion over, why this!?

Zerohedge explains the JP Morgan Chase catastrophe as but the logical conclusion of the hubris/greed/incompetence that is today’s “market”

Here’s why the Fed can and will go bust, note that interest rate trend line, showing a negative trend as inflation rose and real wages fell making it SEEM as though you were getting ahead when all along we war collectively digging

Mish: Home prices may be near the bottom? Or is the competition for foreclosures finally letting up?

Jeffrey Lord gets one right: Gay marriage!? No big deal anymore now let’s make room for Polygamy & the REAL social innovation all the cool kids with the pumped up kicks will be talking about: polyamory

Taste the Tea now! Michele Bachmann renounces the Swiss and her honorary Swiss Miss title after ridiculous outbursts from the Tea Party

Gerson to GOP: Get hip or else! The “Millenials” believe in almost anything other than values based on humility, tradition and a good moral upbringing; what have WE created; Does anyone really think a POLITICAL PARTY can stop this!?

Now the Senate will follow the Obama/Biden- “We love to love who you love to love baby”, script and try and repeal DOMA!?

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