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    The Mike Church Show Episode 282: ‘Muricah, Secede Or Die 



    David Simpson’s daughters The Simpson Lasses, perform Christmas Carols LIVE! On The Mike Church Show. 12/21/2016

    The Mike Church Show 121316: Featuring Dr. Wacasey. Health Care vs. Health Insurance. 

    The Mike Church Show 111016: Featuring Marjorie Dannenfelser 

    The Mike Church Show 110216 Seg 1Wisdom Wednesday – The FBI Has Turned On #CrookedHillary

    The Mike Church Show 102516 Seg 1 preview Will You Go LGBTQ, Highlights Magazine, Or Will You Go Carmelite?: 

    The Mike Church Show 101016 Seg 1: Clinton Promises An Increase In Planned Parenthood Funding








    The Red Pill Diaries...

    11 January 2017

    Mike Church Show Episode 279-Interview with Chris Ferrara: Trump’s Dossier, Fact or Fiction?

    “I’m not into the apocalyptic warning business but the hysteria of the Left combined with Trump’s miraculous election tells us something big is afoot.” Mandeville, LA – Mike Church interviews Chris Ferrara. President-elect Trump is being hit from all sides now. Now we learn a dossier was handed over by MI6 British Intelligence to Senator John McCain, who bought the ridiculous and salacious story of President & Mrs Trump in Moscow among other whoppers. McCain then handed the “dossier” over to the...
    10 January 2017

    Veritas et Sapientia-There Is NO “Getting Back To The Constitution”

    Mandeville, LA – [Editor’s note: I have met and read Allen Medenhall for years and always thought him brilliant. To use a quote from a book review as “truth and wisdom” might thus seem odd, but Mendenhall’s channeling of the authors (Carey and Frohnnen) is in harmony with what he has written before. – M.C.] “If there is one take-home point from this book, it’s that government is not the instrument through which to facilitate the good, the true, or...
    10 January 2017

    Welcome To Philosophia Perennis – The Philosophy Classroom-Modern Philosophers-Polemics

    TONIGHT’S CHAT AUDIO BEGINS WITH BROTHER FRANCIS’ Ontology Lecture 9 LIVE CHAT WITH BR. ANDRE, DAVID SIMPSON & MIKE CHURCH AT 06:00 P.M. Mandeville, LA – Welcome to the Philosophia Perennis Chatroom and knowledge resource page. Open your mind philosophy and your mind will become prepared to receive wisdom. The chatroom will convene every Tuesday Evening at 06:00 p.m. Central. To begin the course I suggest you listen to Brother Francis’s 8 introductory lectures covering each of the disciplines we will...
    09 January 2017

    Hollywood Cheers Streep’s “You’re All Bigots-If You’re Not One of Us” Speech

    The Judgement Pornosphere™ At Not So Golden Globes – “Hollywood” belches out a never-ending stream of mortally-sinful tripe, assisting tens of millions into fulfilling Our Lady’s promise from Fatima that “millions of souls will fall into Hell like snowflakes” but no matter! Actors have earned the right to act all actor-ie and pronounce what is good and what is bad, and President Trump is BAD, just ask Golden Glove, Lifetime Achievement Award winner Meryl Streep. In accepting her award for...
    09 January 2017

    The Mike Church Show Episode 277: Interview With Dr. Wacasey-How To Beat The Health Insurance Racket

    Mandeville, LA – Mike Church interviews Dr. Wacasey on what to expect if Trump repeals the Affordable Care Act. “Repeal, repeal and then repeal; there is NO replace in repeal!” You’ll also learn just what to look for in choosing a health insurance plan and what not to ever, ever, ever, never, ever buy. You can download a FREE chapter from Dr. Wacasey’s book Dr. Wacasey’s Guide To Buying Health Care & Health Insurance, here.
    09 January 2017

    Monday Pile of Prep- Irony: The Cult Of Death Lives Via Facebook Live

    Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2016 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’). Sapientia et Veritas –“’The argument is that we will succeed in carrying out the tasks indicated here only by re-centering the culture in conception, birth, and being born: That is, in...
    09 January 2017

    Veritas et Sapientia-The Cult of Life REQUIRES Children, The Cult of Death Doesn’t

    Mandeville, LA – “Liberal culture’s anti-child practices are bound up with a logic of childlessness most basically defined in terms of a forgetfulness of being and its Origin and expressed by the marginalization of philosophy, leisure, and liturgy as ways of being and acting. We can adequately addresseither these practices or this logic only by addressingboth of them at the same time. The argument is that we will succeed in carrying out the tasks indicated here only by re-centering the...

    Debbie Schlussel Reviews Movies And Free Phone Friday!

    06 Jan
    10 Days12 Hrs45 Min47 Sec

    Mike Church Presents The Church Doctrine

    The KingDude Interviews Trump Pro-Life Coaltion Leader Marjorie Dannenfelser

    17 Jan
    0 Days6 Hrs0 Min0 Sec


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    The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology
    1. The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology