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The Mike Church Show Episode 463: Trump’s Nuke World Order: 

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The Mike Church Show Episode 461 Podcast: Does Your Church Do Sodomy? There’s App For That!:

The Mike Church Show Episode 460: LGBTQ’ers Now Dressing AS Demons To Recruit Kids: 

The Mike Church Show Episode 459: Hollywood Doesn’t Have The Virtuous Men You’re Looking For: 

The Mike Church Show Episode 458: The Burning Pits of Never Ending Heath Hell:

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The Red Pill Diaries...

12 July 2012

Romney and His Plans

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – What I’m hearing is basically that whether they’re conservative or liberal, people want their king to lead them, whether it’s King Obama or King Mitt.  That disturbs me.  Why do you want the king to lead you?  Why do you want the king to take over things that the king never should have been given authority over or dominion over to start with?  You people that are running around with pocket Constitutions in your...
12 July 2012

Interview with Gary Johnson

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Interview – Governor Gary Johnson on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Governor, does it concern you that it seems both of the major parties seem not to care about how our wars are waged, how they are declared, and how we continue fighting them?  Even up to this moment right now, there are people that don’t have a decision to make when it comes to sending troops to Syria or Iran, but they sure as...
12 July 2012

Stand And Deliver: Mitt Romney Heckled At NAACP

Romney at NAACP: ObamaCare’s going down, if you want jobs it HAS to go down – Romney’s “Sistah Souljah moment?” Teen Wolf Blitzer blasts Obama on CNN for NOT attending where Romney dared walk (NAACP) Congratulations and welcome to über financial blogger Veronique de Rugy, one of my favorite writers on finances. Ms. de Rugy became an American citizen today-replacing Denise Rich x6 Flashback on Souljah: 1992, Bill Clinton at Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition, denounces rapper Sistah Souljah Chicago Tribune original...
11 July 2012

Why Do Municipalities Do Things Businesses Can…. Then Whine When They Go Broke?

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Those sanitation services that so many cities so foolishly took over, they didn’t have to take them over.  That was a choice, a foolish choice.  Ditto that for the recycling.  That’s what got Harrisburg into trouble, believing they could run their own trash incinerator or whatever the hell they called it.  In other words, governments have been told by the citizenry, foolishly, “Do all of our work for us.  We don’t want to do...
11 July 2012

Governor Gardosil’s Gambit on ObamaCare=Phony Nullification, Will TX Follow?

Robert Higgs’ 14 things most people don’t care much for and the 14 things they DO care for (showing the Liberty movement will be tougher than anyone thinks) 14 Things the Liberty Movement ISN’T counting on Pt II: There are LOTS of libs who think the current gubbmint is not big enough TX Governor Rick Perry crows his neck, stands the hair on his back and draws breath to bark at ObamaCare… but will he bite? WaPo editorialist operates in...
10 July 2012

Reagan Right on Government Powers

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – It only takes three or four percent a year for a couple of years without wages going up to where there is a serious lack of disposable income and maybe even survival income.  Ladies and gentlemen, that’s where we are.  That’s why there are no savings in the banks.  That’s why there’s no capital to start small businesses or to contribute to small businesses.  Trust me, I try to raise capital for a small...

International Conference on Population Control Hosted By Mike Church

17 Oct
6 Days21 Hrs56 Min13 Sec

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The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology
  1. The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology