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The Red Pill Diaries...

22 February 2011

Not Shrinking Government

[mp3t track=’22022011_Transcript_1.mp3′] Related Material: New Panel, Same Problems – Cut The Deficit Already  Begin Mike Church Show Transcript Mike:  And this is what youre seeing here.  Youre seeing the ultimate misdirection.  Here, listen to this from the Washington Compost here today:  Everyone knew Republicans would try to defund President Obamas signature healthcare overhaul.  Theyve made that clear since taking over the House majority.  And it was no surprise that they would strip federal money from NPR and Planned Parenthood.  Thats...
21 February 2011

If The Union Brought Us All These Things Is The Union Socialist?

[mp3t track=’21022011_Transcript_1.mp3′] (Audio & Transcript) Mandeville, LA – It’s been seven days and the protesting out in Wisconsin has yet todecline. That’s not to say that it’s escalating into something that maybrink a point of concern, however unruly people mad at theirGovernment, fueled by Libtardian prose, and a congnizance of the ParrotPress Media and their cameras does not exactly sound like a recipe forsunshine, rainbows and kittens. Today’s transcribed clip begins with the KingDude fleshing out the Socialist Party platform...
21 February 2011

KingDude & Professor DeRosa Discussing Washington, The South and Austrian Scholars Conference

[mp3t track=’21022011_Transcript_2_pt.3.mp3′] (Audio) Mandeville, LA – We were very fortunate tohave a familiar guest, Professor MarshallDeRosa, on the DudeMaker Hot Line with us during the third hour of thismorning’s show. DeRosa is a professor of Political Science at FloridaAtlantic University, a constitutional scholar, and an author of severalbooks based on topics Constitutionally related. In honor of theanniversary of George Washington’s birth the two take the introductionsinto a few moments on Washington and what he meant to the FoundingGeneration, the United...
16 February 2011

KingDude Gets Heated Over Obama’s Direct Lies On The Budget!

[mp3t track=’16022011_Transcript_2.mp3′] (Audio) Mandeville, LA – If you heard the show this morning then you were fortunate enough tohear the KingDude in rare form. True, we do use the term ‘rare form’occasionally here when referring to particular monologues that get thatspecial blessing from the radio gods before being pursed through thelips. However, most of those are more of an ‘on point’ ‘rare form’ dueto given circumstances in the news or an insight seen on an issue thatno one else has...
16 February 2011

Either The Past Or Back To The Future, The Debt Remains

[mp3t track=’16022011_Transcript_1.mp3′] (Audio & Transcript) Mandeville, LA -The KingDude starts this clip with a pretty relevant quote from late’Cool’ Cal Coolidge and it sounds a little something like this:”…Under the austerity and fidelity to the Constitution, and thedevotion to sound money of the Coolidge Administration the FederalGovernment had repaid the debts.” Could you imagine that feeling ofwriting that last check for the mortgage or the car note, only in thissituation it would be to China. So basically we have allowedthese...
15 February 2011

KingDude’s Take On David Hume & The Republican Tradition of Human Scale

[mp3t track=’15022011_Transcript_2.mp3′] (Audio) Mandeville, LA – With the KingDude behind the mic we always try and give you anintellectual as well as entertainment awesomeness throughout the show.This morning we came across a snippet in “David Hume and the RepublicanTradition of Human Scale” where Donald W.Livingston brilliantly walks you through Hume’s belief in republicanismand his opposite – Hobbe’s belief in the inevitability of Leviathan. If there’s one thing that Mike wants you to do today, tomorrow or atsome point in tome...

Mike Church Presents: The "Deliver Us From Evil Tapes" with Ralph Sarchie

28 Jul
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The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology
  1. The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology