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The Red Pill Diaries...

12 March 2012

12 March, 2012 Pile of Prep

Even the WAR Party is sick & tired of the Afghan War and this poll is taken before the murder spree committed by a U.S. Soldier on Saturday Ron Paul delegates take over county conventions in GA upsetting the Gingrich supporters who thought the meeting was a formality U.S. soldier goes on deadly murder spree, slaying 16 Afghan civilians in 2 villages, including women and children
09 March 2012

Interview With Jack Hunter 09 March 2012 – Mike Church Show Audio & Transcript Exclusive

[mp3t track=’09032012_Interview_Jack_Hunter_EDIT.mp3′]   Begin Mike Church Show Transcript Mike:  Now, speaking of Kirkpatrick Sale, I know somebody that knows Kirkpatrick Sale better than I, and thats our good friend Jack Hunter, the Southern Avenger.  Jack, how are you? Jack Hunter:  Good morning, Mike.  How are you? Mike:  Im well.  Youre a buddy with Kirkpatrick. Jack:  Yeah, Kirks a good friend and a great guy.  I think the idea that 300 million people are going to be ruled by one central...
09 March 2012

Tea Party Doesn't Like Ron Paul Because He Isn't Conservative Enough? – Mike Church Show Audio & Transcript

[mp3t track=’02032012_Tea_Party_does_not_like_Ron_Paul_he_isnt_conservative_enough_EDIT.mp3′] Begin Mike Church Show Transcript Mike:  I just Tweeted out, asking the question of whether or not todays Tea Partiers are phony conservatives, and I mean phony conservatives inasmuch as, to me, a conservative is someone thats conserving original intent, or trying to conserve as best they can, the original intent of the Constitution.  As we find over and over, time after time, that is not the case.  People talk a good game, but theyre not willing to...
09 March 2012

09 March, 2012 Pile of Prep

Ho hum…yawn…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz – February was the biggest deficitspending month on record…EVER!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzyawnnnnnnnn…….ho….hummmmm Obama comes clean after GOP Senators coax him into moving to stop an effortto approve Keystone Pipeline without Obama’s blessing Guvenuh Ruhmneh should drop the Reagan mythology that supposedly supports hiswar-hawk positions, especially the myths that are simply not true
08 March 2012

I'm Conservative But I LOVE No Child Left Behind – Mike Church Show Audio Exclusive

[mp3t track=’08032012_Transcript_Cain_Is_Santorum_conservative_loves_NCLB.mp3′] Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio – Listen to this caller who claims to be a conservative and a supporter of Ricky Santorum BUT also loves his support of No Child Left Behind. Excuse me sir, but you do realize that NCLB, and most of Ricky’s votingrecord, is in favor of Government EXPANSION! Not exactly what I wouldcall conservative. Check out today’s clip…                                
08 March 2012

Food Desert? What's A Food Desert!? – Post Show Show Free Preview 08 March 2012

[mp3t track=’pss_hd_030812_preview.mp3′] MANDEVILLE, LA – EXCLUSIVE AUDIO – What is a food desert?  Kathleen Sebelius defined it as walking more than one mile to get healthy food. But really, it’s something that our Government has made up to spendmore money. And the worst part of it is that no one is standing up toher, they’re just arguing about the mode of transportation.  Listen totoday’s clip from the Post Show Show for more… Please Subscribe to the 24/7 BackStage Pass to...

Mike Church Presents: The "Deliver Us From Evil Tapes" with Ralph Sarchie

24 Sep
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The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology
  1. The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology