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08 Jun
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The Importance of Gentlemen, Cigars and Whisky: Dinner With Mike Church And Joseph Pearce

15 May
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10 May 2018

The Great Golden Truth Ticket Sweepstake Win Mike’s 2018 Kia Soul Car

Is “Saint” Dana Loesch Giving A 2018 KIA Soul Away To Her Listeners? The CRUSADE Channel’s Mike Church Show Is. The Mike Church Show’s Listeners helped the CRUSADE Channel win a new, 2017 KIA Soul from Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom in his Black Friday membership drive contest. Tom didn’t give a car away this year but Mike went out and bought one and is giving it away to one of you! This May, the CRUSADE Channel and the Founders Tradin Post is giving one...
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24 April 2018

The Importance of Gentlemen, Cigars and Whisky: Dinner With Mike Church And Joseph Pearce

Mandeville, LA – An unbelievable opportunity to spend an unforgettable night: Enjoy dinner and private conversation with world renowned author Joseph Pearce and nationally syndicated radio host Mike Church. • Opening talk by Mike Church: “The Importance of Gentlemen, Cigars and Whisky” • Four course authentic Italian dinner (family style) • Joseph Pearce: “Tolkkein, Chesterton and the Joy of The Pub”. • The finest, fine Cigars supplied for sale by the Twin Smoke Shop. The Programme: Cocktails – 06:00 p.m....
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13 December 2017

The Mike Church Show Presents The “Have Yourself A terry Little Christmas” Contest

Mandeville, LA – UPDATE: So far 15 lucky listeners have qualified for the grand-prize drawing! There are still plenty of chances left for you and your friends. Just listen to the Mike Church Show tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. for the Terry Little Christmas Secret Soundbite of The Day and when you hear it played back later, be the right caller number and you’re qualified for the grand prize! You and your friends can listen right here! Introducing The “Have...
28 December 2012

Mike Corrects Caller: The South Did Not Seek War with Lincoln

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Had the governor of Virginia at the time requested that the Union Army come in and rescue him from Robert E. Lee, then Lincoln could have gone to take back Virginia because it has lost -- another part of the Constitution -- its republican form of government. It did not lose its republican form of government. As a matter of fact, it had a brand-new one. It elected new representatives, elected new judges, elected a new governor, their courts were functioning, as were Lincoln’s courts. No republicanism ever ended, so that was all on old, honest Abe. Check out the rest in today's transcript...
28 December 2012

Sobran on Secession: Henry Would be at Arms Already

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - I must tell you, ladies and gentlemen, I find more opposition to you people to the idea of the states as sovereign entities than I do among libtards. I get more mail challenging me on the supremacy and the sovereignty of the states that created the Constitution from “conservatives” than I do from liberals. The liberals will just usually, in an unintelligent manner, quote Lincoln or the Civil War. The conservatives that are opposed to this, they go all the way back and say, “No, ’76 never happened the way you and Gutzman and Woods and the rest of your little merry band of Founding Fathers studiers, it never happened that way.” Check out today's transcript for the rest...
25 December 2012

Getting Men Back as Household Leaders is the MOST Important Thing

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - We used to have men of arts and letters and that’s what they were known for. Today we have demagogues that yell and scream and holler and hurl names and insist we look at the world through that sort of a jaded lens, that there is only right and wrong in the human realm, that there doesn’t seem to be a right and wrong that’s attached to a godly realm, that natural law somehow just came here and does not answer to supernatural law -- another one of these inconsistencies with the anarchists and libertarians out there where I find a difference. This is one of the things that was pointed out by the great writers of the 20th century like Russell Kirk, T.S. Elliott, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis. Check out the rest in today's audio and transcript...
24 December 2012

Secession Talk: Interview with Professor Donald Livingston Part 1

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Here's a quote from Prof. Livingston about the legality of secession, be sure and check out the rest of the interview in today's transcript, "What happens with secession in America, if it’s constitutionally done, a state, being a sovereign political society, has a convention of its people and they vote an ordinance of secession to withdraw the compact with the United States and to secede. Of course, if they do that, then they have to deal with their share of the public debt and other obligations they incurred in the union. Once they’ve done that, they’ve seceded. The Supreme Court has no say over this. After all, they’re an independent country. Whatever the Supreme Court says, if you secede and are a different country, you don’t have to recognize it."
22 December 2012

What the Bill of Rights is Meant To Do

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - The Second Amendment was not directed at the states, it was directed at the Feds. The First Amendment was directed at the Feds, and the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth. If you doubt any of this, if there’s one soul out there that doubts this, please read the entire text of Amendment IX and Amendment X. These were insisted upon by Patrick Henry himself in the Virginia Assembly, just in case he forgot anything and just to make sure and make it abundantly clear: If we left anything out that we want to be protected from by you, we’re reserving all those powers, all of them. Check out the rest in today's transcript...

Married Priests Won't Cure Your Hatred For The Church You Took Vows To, "Father" Zuhlener

Mandeville, LA – Church Doctrine video from the Mike Church Show. Austrian “priest” Paul; Zuhlener gave an interview to an Austrian newspaper wherein he calls for “married priests” followed by women “priests” because “the Catholic Church is 300 years behind the modern world”. Sorry, pater but you took vows to this celibate priesthood (yes, I know this is not a dogma) and the Magisterium. If celibacy were True in 33AD and became traditional by 533AD – It’s True and traditional Today.

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