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This Thanksgiving, Give Thanks To… Lincoln!? How Bout “NO” – The Mike Church Show: 

“The Great Escape” of Roy Moore’s Evangelicalism”? – The Mike Church Show: 

“Jesus Was A Rape Baby”: Satan’s Postulants Clamor For His Attention – Claim > The Mike Church Show: 

Abortion Kills 42% of Black Americans in NYC! More Dangerous to Play with White Kids. The Mike Church Show: 

The Mike Church Show Episode 474: Danica Roem Elected in Virginia



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The Red Pill Diaries...

02 December 2010

Marc Morano On The DudeMaker Hotline

[mp3t track=’02122010_Transcript_1.mp3′] Related Material: For more information on the state of global warming as suggested by Marc Morano, listen to this clip from the archives of The Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM’s Patriot Channel: Marc Morano and King Dude Talk Global Warming Begin Mike Church Show Transcript Mike:  Heres a critical thinker, Marc Morano,, the man that brought the entire Hadley Research Institute to its knees.  How are you, my friend? Marc Morano:  Im doing well.  I feel very...
23 November 2010

Ireland: So They’re Gonna Get A Bailout, Aren’t They?

[mp3t track=’23112010_Transcript_2.mp3′] (Audio) Mandeville, LA – For a moment, just for a brief moment today, we are allowed to take a well deserved and much needed break from the monotony of all of our ridiculous economic woes and politely point and laugh at Europe and their surmounting fiscal disaster that’s frothingover the side of the mug. In particularly we’re discussing the economicfate of the Irish. There was once a time where Ireland along with therest of that European mass over...
19 November 2010

Jacob Heilbrunn Says Ron Paul Is An Isolationist

[mp3t track=’19112010_Transcript_2.mp3′] (Audio & Transcript) Mandeville, LA – Today’s transcript beginswith a Jacob Heilbrunn editorial written in the Los Angeles Times, apiece that the KingDude deems despicable. He starts things off bytaking up for BernYankMe by calling Ron Paul an isolationist – we saymaybe the isolationists have a point. He then claimsthe Federal Reservewas created to issue currency and set interest rates for banksbalancing the risk of recession and inflation with every decision, wesay that’s a good theory but what...
16 November 2010

Chris of New York Is All For TSA. Mike, Not So Much.

[mp3t track=’16112010_Transcript_2.mp3′] (Audio)Mandeville, LA – It’s always fun here on the Mike Church Show, in factsome say it’s even mandatory, but what really turns the glitter to goldhere is when a caller, especially of the Libtard denomination, decidesto use the nads in their pants for something other than additions tothe genealogy tree. Today we’ve got Chris of New York on the phone andin his words: “I believe 95% of everything you say….but I’ve never ever heard you more completely wrong...
10 November 2010

The Fiscal Issue of Housing and Urban Development

[mp3t track=’10112010_Transcript_1.mp3′]   Related Material: For a quick ‘refresh’ lesson on how we managed to get this off track with the whole housing busines, listen to this segment on BernYANK-ME’s follies from the archives of The Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM’s Patriot Channel: The 2010 Housing Bubble – Starring Ben BernYANK-ME  Begin Mike Church Show Transcript Mike:  Somebody was proposing that one of the debates thats going to come up over the budget is the Housing and Urban Development budget. ...
07 November 2010

8 November, 2010 Pile of Prep-early edition

Sara Palin launches the smartest phase of her career by taking on Ben Bernyankme and the out of control criminal enterprise know as "The Fed" Chris Christie-DeceptiCON colors finally emerge in endorsement of Mike Castle and analysis of Delaware’s Senaterace Mayor Adolf Dumberg doesn’t like the fact that many of you people kicked the "experts"out of Congress in favor of those non-elites from the Tea Party Right out of the Mike Church Show: Libtardian at concludes that Pelosi won...

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The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology
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