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What Was Lent Like When Men Were Men And Women Weren't Men?

14 Feb
8 Days13 Hrs55 Min47 Sec

The Red Pill Diaries...

21 February 2012

22 February, Pile of Prep

Woohoo! The Dow hits 13,000 for the first time since 2008, of the FIRST time it hit 13,000 was in 1999, so how’s that market investment workin’ out for ya? Fox News/ Murdoch Tweets to Santorum: Win Michigan, game over. Hey Rupert,if THAT game is over so is the one he will play against Obama (gee Iwonder who will win THAT one?) White House to American people: Rising gas prices simply mean you mustembrace windmills, solar, bicycles and vegan diets...
20 February 2012

20 February, 2012 Post Show FREE Preview-Why You Must Accept Your Duties…NOW

[mp3t track=’pss_hd_02202012_preview.mp3′] MANDEVILLE, LA – EXCLUSIVE AUDIO – Listen to this clip from today’s Post Show Show and get prepared to goACTIVE. Mike explains how George Mason, despite the gout, knew it washis duty to assist with writing the Constitution among other events and even though he was averse to leaving Gunston Hall, his country was more important., is your country (whatever that may mean to you) worth more than Tuesday Bowling nights? When the duty of defending their constitution...
19 February 2012

20 February, 2012 Pile of Prep

Russell Kirk explains why George Mason was "the wisest man of his generation"and what we can learn from his devotion to his "patriotic duties" today Gottfried: For those who do not wish to live under G.W. Bush’s 3rd term,recreating yet another mistaken war and launching new programs in thename of "conservatism"-Ron Paul is the only option Santorum takes all his coins then doubles down on theologic war of words against Obama, then spends his time clarifying the earlier stupidity ESPN...
17 February 2012

17 February, 2012 Pile of Prep

Ron Paul’s delegate strategy is NOT what the Industrial News Complex is reporting and it just might work Prof Gottfried lowers the hammer on what is left of the Catholic Church:These people go to mass as part of family ritual and overwhelminglyendorse Obama’s contraceptive agenda Will the GOP corral significant percentages of Asian Americans by pandering to them with enticements they don’t really offer? Ron Paul & Mitt Romney withdraw from GA-Monday Nitro event rigged to revive the Newt WWF...
16 February 2012

16 February, 2012 Pile of Prep

Laurence Vance continues to fact check THE Fact Checker of the WaPo on thenumber of U.S. military bases and troops spread around the planet/knownuniverse "Genesis… project is…Genesis, what’s that" Oops, this isn’t Wrath of Khan butshould be Wrath of Khanned [taxpayers] set to lose a cool BILLION onlatest green energy project DOE funded The capacity for optimism in electing new Republican blood is nothing short of delusional as Michelle Malkin insists that all we need are newRepublican-soon to be turncoats-...

Married Priests Won't Cure Your Hatred For The Church You Took Vows To, "Father" Zuhlener

Mandeville, LA – Church Doctrine video from the Mike Church Show. Austrian “priest” Paul; Zuhlener gave an interview to an Austrian newspaper wherein he calls for “married priests” followed by women “priests” because “the Catholic Church is 300 years behind the modern world”. Sorry, pater but you took vows to this celibate priesthood (yes, I know this is not a dogma) and the Magisterium. If celibacy were True in 33AD and became traditional by 533AD – It’s True and traditional Today.

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The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology
  1. The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology