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What Was Lent Like When Men Were Men And Women Weren't Men?

14 Feb
9 Days19 Hrs19 Min32 Sec

The Red Pill Diaries...

13 December 2011

The 2011 Mike Church Christmas Wishlist-WANTED: Christmas Miracle

UPDATED 13 December, 2011 – WANTED: Christmas Miracle – I had previously written about Founding Father Films & The DudeGear Store’s urgent need to move 2,000 copies of the Road To Independence-Director’s Edition before New Years and so far I can report we have sold a little over 1/3 of that goal and there are basically now but 10 shopping days left until Christmas.Thanks for your support so far! Now, I have remained positive through this that it will all...
13 December 2011

13 December, 2011 Pile of Prep

Jeffrey Lord just cannot walk away from the Constitutional butt whooping Kevin Gutzman and Tom Woods have heaped on him Help wanted: more companies that can fail in business yet live to tell their story and try again Two new Iowa surveys show Ron Paul solidly in second place and NEAR the margin of error The latest from today’s guest Jeffrey Tucker: How DC killed the debit card
12 December 2011

12 December, 2011 Pile of Prep

Drake University student poll is won by Ron Paul (39%) Romney (25%)TIC-Surerly Dear Leader will give his newest movement that is NOT "class warfare" a name like "The new deal", I propose hew call it the "The deal I Hopechanges them all" Some things you just leave alone and never ever try and copy, remake orimprove upon-like the 3 Stooges disaster coming out in Spring-here isthe trailer Historian, Gottfried says "either conservative voters are deluded or they are backing a...
09 December 2011

Interview-Anthoney Gregory What Happened To America's Anti-Statist Spirit ?

[mp3t track=’07122011_Interview_Anthony_Gregory_70_years_infamy.mp3′] Mandeville LA, The Mike Church Show – The Independent Institute’s Anthony Gregory drops by the Mike Church Show to elaborate on his sweeping essay covering Pearl Harbor’s causes and the effects of the war footing the U.S. engaged in and has never relinquished. As Gregory explains to Mike, there is a very large cost associated with these decisions. From the Independent Institute piece "70 Years of Infamy" But what resulted from Pearl Harbor has been a virtually uninterrupted cascade...
09 December 2011

09 December, 2011 Pile of Prep

"Get Newtie!" Ron Paul on why the country needs to know the facts about the Gingrinch Who Stole Conservatism Is promising to appoint John Bolton as Secretary of War… I mean State, a violation of US Law? Daniel Larison responds to Jeffrey Lord’s incoherent and wildly inaccurate portrayal of James Monroe Doctrine AmConMag asks the question the Mike Church Show has been answering this week:Why is the punditocracy so pathetically inept at covering thiscampaign!?Jeffrey Lord just cannot let his imbecility...
08 December 2011

2,300 Ways To Re-Declare Independence

[mp3t track=’20111208_church_doctrine_sponsored.mp3′] 2,300 Ways To Re-Declare Independence 2011 Mike Church Mandeville, LA – Mike Church Audio & Transcript – If you have ever wondered just how we became servants to the largest government in the history of large governments a study of the 2008 meltdown and its aftermath yields significant answers. When the Federal Reserve created bubble exploded in August of that year the body that gave the Fed life, the Congress, reacted by offering to bailout the companies in...

Married Priests Won't Cure Your Hatred For The Church You Took Vows To, "Father" Zuhlener

Mandeville, LA – Church Doctrine video from the Mike Church Show. Austrian “priest” Paul; Zuhlener gave an interview to an Austrian newspaper wherein he calls for “married priests” followed by women “priests” because “the Catholic Church is 300 years behind the modern world”. Sorry, pater but you took vows to this celibate priesthood (yes, I know this is not a dogma) and the Magisterium. If celibacy were True in 33AD and became traditional by 533AD – It’s True and traditional Today.

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The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology
  1. The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology