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“Catholic Relief Services” Encourages Perversion For Kids? – The Mike Church Show: 

Trump’s Overreach In Authority Is Just As Bad As Obama’s – The Mike Church Show:

Liberalism Rebels Against Religious Authority – Of The Catholic Church – The Mike Church Show: 

Your Prayers Are Helping In The Fight Against Porn – The Mike Church Show: 

Who Do Your Kids Have 24 Hour Access To? The Answer Is Scary – The Mike Church Show: 

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What Was Lent Like When Men Were Men And Women Weren't Men?

14 Feb
34 Days2 Hrs33 Min3 Sec

The Red Pill Diaries...

14 December 2010

Dr. Kevin Gutzman On Judge Hudson’s Ruling On HealthCare Bill

[mp3t track=’14122010_Transcript_2_pt.2.mp3′] (Audio)Mandeville, LA -We were honored and privileged to have Dr. KevinGutzman on the show with us today. Yesterday, Judge Hudson’s rulingyesterday was Constitutionally sound for one of the rare times as of late with this Leviathan beast we have come to know. The KingDude andDr. Gutzman discuss the ObamaCare issue a bit further which leads themdown the avenue of unconstitutionality regarding Big Gubbmint trying tomandate us citizens to buy anything. Further discussion takes us to Dr.Gutzman’s take on...
10 December 2010

What The Antnee Weiner/Megyn Kelly Debate Was Really About

[mp3t track=’10122010_Transcript_1.mp3′] Begin Mike Church Show Transcript Mike:  Anthony Weiner, we saw the Weiner all up in Megyn Kellys grill, spouting on and babbling on about fairness and what have you.  You cant win an argument on fairness, folks.  You have to win a debate like this on the merits of your argument.  And there was Megyn Kelly saying, well, I dont know how you say that thats fair and that those people havent earned it.  What do you mean...
02 December 2010

Bruce Fein On The DudeMaker Hotline

[mp3t track=’02122010_Transcript_2_pt.2.mp3′] Mandeville, LA – Fortunate enough to have Bruce Fein back on the showwith us today, a preeminent outspoken authority on matters of foreignpolicy who is always welcome here on The Mike Church Show. First topicof the conversation is what’s most prominent in the media currently,the WikiLeaks, which Bruce gives a thorough synopsis of how he feels onit, what the real issue is, and how to solve this and put it behind us.From here we shift gears a bit...
02 December 2010

Marc Morano On The DudeMaker Hotline

[mp3t track=’02122010_Transcript_1.mp3′] Related Material: For more information on the state of global warming as suggested by Marc Morano, listen to this clip from the archives of The Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM’s Patriot Channel: Marc Morano and King Dude Talk Global Warming Begin Mike Church Show Transcript Mike:  Heres a critical thinker, Marc Morano,, the man that brought the entire Hadley Research Institute to its knees.  How are you, my friend? Marc Morano:  Im doing well.  I feel very...
23 November 2010

Ireland: So They’re Gonna Get A Bailout, Aren’t They?

[mp3t track=’23112010_Transcript_2.mp3′] (Audio) Mandeville, LA – For a moment, just for a brief moment today, we are allowed to take a well deserved and much needed break from the monotony of all of our ridiculous economic woes and politely point and laugh at Europe and their surmounting fiscal disaster that’s frothingover the side of the mug. In particularly we’re discussing the economicfate of the Irish. There was once a time where Ireland along with therest of that European mass over...
19 November 2010

Jacob Heilbrunn Says Ron Paul Is An Isolationist

[mp3t track=’19112010_Transcript_2.mp3′] (Audio & Transcript) Mandeville, LA – Today’s transcript beginswith a Jacob Heilbrunn editorial written in the Los Angeles Times, apiece that the KingDude deems despicable. He starts things off bytaking up for BernYankMe by calling Ron Paul an isolationist – we saymaybe the isolationists have a point. He then claimsthe Federal Reservewas created to issue currency and set interest rates for banksbalancing the risk of recession and inflation with every decision, wesay that’s a good theory but what...

Married Priests Won't Cure Your Hatred For The Church You Took Vows To, "Father" Zuhlener

Mandeville, LA – Church Doctrine video from the Mike Church Show. Austrian “priest” Paul; Zuhlener gave an interview to an Austrian newspaper wherein he calls for “married priests” followed by women “priests” because “the Catholic Church is 300 years behind the modern world”. Sorry, pater but you took vows to this celibate priesthood (yes, I know this is not a dogma) and the Magisterium. If celibacy were True in 33AD and became traditional by 533AD – It’s True and traditional Today.

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The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology
  1. The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology