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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
31 October 2012

Pile of Prep: Polls, Schmolls, Buy a Good Book & Turn the News Back on Nov 9th

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s Daily Pile of Prep.

“We are too prone, I believe, to think that voting is the definitive political act. That would be true only if politics simply belongs to the government.” – Alan Jacobs

Like Minds: Alan Jacobs reminds TAC readers that voting is not (as I have been arguing for months now) an act that confers Templar status on the yet to be knighted

The only, official, endorsements from Rep Ron  Paul are here

DeceptiCONNED: Michael Scheuer is targeted – by the Romney campaign – for termination at Fox News for refusing to tow the Israel, Fifty First State line

DECEPTICONS HORRIFIED: National Review pundits learn the U.S. flys drone that have NO lethal capability

TIC: Will Durant might have said that the people of NYC/NJ are now reminded that there is a higher authority than the stock market, Mayor Bloomberg and secular pleasures

FLASHBACK: Leo Linbeck’s piece on restoring Congress

Writer: Romney will win because Republicans are not  Socialists

Calling All Houston Area ReFounding Fathers: Make plans to attend the year end meeting of the Houston ReFounding Fathers Society meeting and meet special guest speaker Mike Church! RSVP Now!

Add the Nebraska Senate race to the headaches GOP Senate takeover advocates must be treating with mega doses of BC Powder right now

Consolidation Planet: Disney buys LucasFilm & the Star Wars Brand, insuring that the era of creative, moral imagination will cease on schedule (no, that’s not a plug for Lucas either)

Essay: Is football worth the cultural & spiritual attention it is in need of or is it better to just watch the hedonists become felons while promoting poetry at coffee shops?

Currency Manipulators R Us, just as Ron Paul explained during the primaries and as Mitt Romney plans to continue while blaming China for our self inflicted wound

It’s official, Romney wins in 35 state landslide, let the “ding dong, the witch is dead” chants begin…

…Of course, you still have the nagging task of actually counting votes on Tuesday night, oh and then there’s the poll AVERAGES which HuffPo has a good rundown of

The Romney poll-vault stalls at a plateau of 48%? And then there is the specter of “Obama’s unbeatable ground game” – truth be told folks, buy a good book and don’t turn the news on until Nov 9th

It is NOT good news that home prices are rising, especially if you plan to be in the market to purchase one in the near future, a housing bubble guarantees you WILL lose $$$

Not all men that love each other love in the “Birdcage” meaning of the word, history and literature back this up yet today that love dare not speak its name

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