The Tuesday primary contest that was NOT to be: Hatch survives to continue his assault on the Constitution as a "conservative"

Buchanan: 30 years, $2 TRILLION, 6,500 dead, 40,000 wounded and all for WHAT in the Middle East?

VIDEO: Hayek meets Santelli on CNBC as the old "no rules are good rules" method of stock trading are said to be the bane of the savvy investor (it also helps to study Austrian school economics)

More reasons WHY Parker/Spitzer was canned by CNN, just read Kathleen Parker's screed against the good people of AZ, their governor and their laws (sovereign territory & law enforcement are mystical words to DeceptiCONS)

Buying the Home-Boom is right around the corner hype and thinking of jumping in the "housing market" because Uncle Bobo told you he likes the real estate gal in the Lexus? Read this first

Walter Williams: Time to end the Higher Education Crusade AND the zillions in resources and work ethic it is zapping

Take the ISI Civic Literacy Exam and see how much you have learned listening to the Mike Church Show and the Post Show Show in the last year 

Q: Can you be a "conservative" and a "green" too? Here's another way to ask the question: can you be a conservative and reject the natural world? Read this book to find out

If you would like to know WHY you should be a true [r]epublican and REJECT Incorporation (of BOR) then the CA case of military crosses on MT Soledad is your inspiration 

WHY cite TSA specs in a story detailing the desecration of a man's, fathers remains which were spilled out on the airport flow during a TSA "screening"?

For this that want to know WHY I am not a Scalia Urban Achievers Fan Club Member, start here

Consolidation & government growth (which I theorize CAUSES the former) begins consuming the great engine of American independence: Small business according to 2012 Census

DeceptiCONNED: MT GOP Rep runs as a promoter & defender of Medicare and the entitlement machine (oh, but he's NOT business as usual)

Kevin Gutzman: The myth of "Executive privilege" exposed and demolished