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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
14 June 2017

Veritas et Sapientia-The Wise Know The U.S. Federal Union Will Collapse

Mandeville, LA – “Referencing Harold Berman’s magisterial Law and Revolution (1983), Dr. [Gary] North argues that the greatest threat to liberty has been the development and expansion of administrative law. This has overwhelmed the whole Western legal tradition, which is based on a common law accessible to the people, and substituted a positivist law defined by elites as fashions change. The squeeze on administrative-law institutions from demands by the elderly, and then a squeeze on entitlements too, present an opportunity to rethink the constitutional arrangement and reassess the relationship between Washington and the states and localities. Functions will inevitably devolve; they have no other place to go. It will then be possible to limit the administrative state permanently, and both libertarians and traditionalists should begin thinking about precisely how to do this best.

Making Donald Trump public enemy number one is short-term thinking. He represents little or no threat as a man on a white horse suppressing American liberties. Actually, because he is more likely to be impeached, he is more Andrew Johnson than Andrew Jackson. He, like his predecessors, is trapped by a political mainstream, which is in the process of disintegration but which dominates public discussion, so that the real threat cannot be publicly debated—even by a presumed agent of change like President Trump, who is constantly trivialized by the popular media and culture.

President Trump has demonstrated his relevance by putting teeth into the moribund Congressional Review Act, voiding a dozen Obama-era regulations that have stifled economic growth. Attacking suffocating administrative state regulations was in fact a major part of Mr. Trump’s electoral appeal and is a major reason why additional traditional conservatives and libertarians have rallied to him since.

This still leaves the coming debt squeeze. A serious conservatism must conclude that now is no time for status-quo Rossiter, Eisenhower, or Bush pragmatism, but for bold thinking about how the great tension that generated its movement can be rejuvenated to meet the coming challenge.” Donald Devine, The Imaginative Conservative, Donald Trump And The Future Of Conservatism

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