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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
15 October 2012

Purchase Your Mujahideen Action Figures! *RPG’s sold seperately


Mandeville, LA – Remember the James Bond movie “The Living Daylights”? Do you recall who it was that Bond (and American agents) allied with? It was The Mujahadeen who were armed by the Westerners, the same Mujahadeen who became Al Queda. Why weren’t these cats “hell bent on destroying our way of life” back then? One of the most asked trivia questions about the film is “who are the Mujahadeen”? The film is set in Afghanistan and lo and behold, Americans are actually LIKED by the Afghani’s! Witness the collectible James Bond “Mujahadeen” action figures in the photographs here in. I especially like the Mujahadeen with the RPG which was provided courtesy of The U.S. Government to our ALLIES in Afghanistan (oh wait, there’s no such thing as “blowback” because they ahve always wanted to “destroy our way of life”) Now you can collect all 6!








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  1. There never was a cohesive “Mujahideen” just like there is no cohesive Taliban. Afghanistan is a western construct of multiple ethnicities and several cultures. When there is a common enemy and a patron (i.e. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or the US) these people will unite in common cause. Even before the Soviets left the Muj factions turned on each other. Once we leave, the many factions of the Taliban will fight over the lucrative narcotics trade. However, the Muj we armed did not go on to become Al Qaeda. Afghans typically went back to business after the Soviet Jihad. Foreign fighters with nothing else to do left the Afghan theater to go home and cause trouble in Arab countries. They eventually fell under the umbrella organization Al Qaeda. There are plenty of Afghans, both former Muj and non-Muj, who love us and our money. Their cause though is not worth one Marine’s life or all the money we’re pouring in there. But it is too simplistic to cite blowback as the Taliban’s call to arms. Read Steve Coll’s “Ghost Wars” for background.


  2. Wil

    How else would a patriot expect a people to react to a foreign tyranny? When put into that perspective, the hard truth of the U.S. government as the invading tyrannical force is impossible to comprehend for the Decepticon.

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