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Contains Founding Father Films audio CD sets & Digital downloads of FFFilms audio products

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Fame of Our Fathers LE Signed, Numbered 3 CD Collectors Set


You’ll hear the founders debate and live these events and more with sound design so real you’ll feel like you were there.

Founding Father Films Co. Compleat Works

5 out of 5

The complete works of Founding Father Films! This set includes every single documentary ever created by Mike Church.

Mike Church-Piss Poor DJ CD


The first collection of my work ever published includes rare gems never before heard.

Road To Independence 2 CD AUDIO Set – The Story of The Founding Fathers


Finally, the entire story of the drafting of the Declaration of Independence and the Founding Fathers can be told, in the glorious manner that we started out to tell it in. Re-mixed and beautifully mastered, the events of 1776 will sound as though you are living them in your home car or Independence Day Celebration. The Original Soundtrack is inspiring and Patriotic and the sounds of the Battle of Bunker Hill will make you duck for cover.

Road to Independence DVD/CD Combo Set


Road to Independence DVD Description The United States of America were founded on the notion of liberty and freedom. In the modern

Spirit of ’76 3 CD Audio Set-The Founding Fathers Write & Ratify The Constitution


Why did Patrick Henry Oppose The Constitution!? Find out in The Spirit of ’76”. The real story of the Founding Fathers writing and ratifying the Constitution!From the debates in Independence Hall to the knock down drag-out fight for ratification it’s all here!

Spirit of ’76 LE -Signed, Numbered 4 Disc Collectors Set


In 2012, the United States of America is looking for answers about our future. In 1776, we were given all the tools to guide us.

The Founding of America Audio Docudrama Trilogy Set


The Ultimate gift set for the [r]epublican in study! Now you can get all THREE audio documentaries combined for one low price.

The Spirit of ’76 – The Story Continues-The Founding Fathers Debate the 2nd Amendment


The greatest story NEVER told finally gets an extension! Patrick Henry, George Mason and other VA patriots are heroically trying to stop ratification of the U.S. Constitution. Why? find out in This Feature!

The Times That Try Mens Souls


2 CD disc set (audio) packaged in a beautifully designed DVD case with 8 page pull out insert booklet including track list, making of essay by Mike Church, Times That Try Men’s Souls compleat Timeline and 18th/19th century artwork of the real-life cast.


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