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Anthology Christmas EP


Now you can purchase the Mike Church Show BAnd’s Christmas Song EP containing Christmas songs from the band’s Anthology collection. Get all 5 songs for one low price.

Anthology Singles ACLU


From 2004’s UnAmerican Idiots – The YMCA never sounded so anti-liberal

Galileo Was Wrong-Full Audio WebCast


This is the COMPANION AUDIO recording, digitally mastered, of this in-production video series.

How Congress Snatched The Power To Own Lands-Project 76


The audio edition is an entertaining ride through the history of the Confederation, the Constitution’s ratification and the early days of land policy of the American West.

Obama Christmas Song Hit “Grandma Got Run Over By Obama” MCS Band


The Mike Church Show Presents their Obama Christmas Song smash hit: “Grandma Got Run Over By Obama” Performed by The Mike Church Show Band!

Patrick Henry Fears For America If She Loses Her Virtue


Patrick Henry is thought of today as a loud yet eloquent promoter of what today’s libertarians call “liberty” as though that ideal of freedom from oppressive States is in concert with today’s lust for no State. In one of Henry’s final acts of devotion to his countrymen he wrote a letter to Archibald Blair laying out his fears for the young union’s future.

Spyin’ Eyes-Music Download single (from Mike’s “Anthology” collection)


The first single released from the highly anticipated “Anthology” of the Mike Church Show Band is here, Spyin Eyes and it does not disappoint! Spyin’ Eyes will be featured as track 1 of Disc 1 of the Anthology Collection which releases Thursday!

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