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Founding Father Films Co. Compleat Works


The complete works of Founding Father Films! This set includes every single documentary ever created by Mike Church.

Road to Independence & Spirit of ’76 DVD Combo Set


You say you want a Revolution!? Well then the Road to Independence & Spirit of ’76 DVD Combo is for you. Enjoy the entire epoch of the American Founding, from The Declaration of Independence to the Ratifying of The Constitution. Now in one convenient package you can enjoy BOTH of Mike Church’s DVD sets for one low price.

Road to Independence DVD/CD Combo Set


Road to Independence DVD Description The United States of America were founded on the notion of liberty and freedom. In the modern

Spirit of ’76 DVD/CD Combo Set


How was the Constitution written band what can we learn from that process that can help us solve America’s runaway government’s problems? Find out in the Spirit of ’76 DVD-CD Combo, and enjoy over 7 and a half hours of family friendly. Founding Father inspired entertainment all for one low price.

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