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These are the individual films written and directed by Mike Church, available on DVD.

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Final Edition Spirit of ’76 DVD


The Final Edition of the Spirit of ’76 is not just another-re-release with different color artwork, THIS IS AN ENTIRELY RE-EDITED FILM. We cut almost an entire hour from the original “Spirit of 76 -Special Edition”, added brand new graphics, edited 100’s of animation sequence and re-filmed all the Live Action sequences. Add in a compelling story line that young and old, expert and novice can follow along with and enjoy and you have a new film for the ages.

Road To Independence – The Movie


What would it take to push Americans to the point of breaking up our current Union of States?! The answer lies in revisiting the first breakup, between the 13 colonies and the British Crown. Director Discover that story as Mike Church takes us on an exciting sometimes hilarious journey down America’s Road to Independence.

Road to Independence Director’s Edition 2 Disc Set


The now, very rare, Director’s Edition 2 DVD Disc Collector’s Set is available in limited quantities this Christmas!

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