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30 January 2013

Foreign Policy: The Difference Between Rand Paul and James Monroe

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Video and Audio - Rand Paul is giving an intriguing speech on Foreign Policy to the Heritage Foundation next week... and why is that intriguing you might ask? Becuase the Heritage Foundation is one of the biggest promoters of "American Exceptionalism" in the world. We believe this means that this is Rand saying that he is not his Fathers son when it comes to Foreign Policy and would like to put this in some historical context with the Monroe Doctrine. John Quincy Adams tried to convince Monroe that the possibility of war in this hemisphere was slim, but Monroe told him that was was always a possibility and that his duty was to protect the citizens of these United States, and changed Quincy Adams mind. This didn't happen overnight though, these men went back and forth for months, along with everyone in the administration discussing foreign policy. And the Monroe Doctrine was not a work of interventionism or "American Exceptionalism", it was meant to protect us in case we were attacked. Check out today's Founders TV Video and Audio for more..
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