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Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Mike Church Appeal: Our 2016, Membership & Funding Campaign Needs You!

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Mandeville, LA - First, let me honestly appeal to you personally: "If there is one thing I loathe more than having to do fundraising and membership appeals so I can keep the CRUSADE Channel lights on, I cannot imagine what that is! I would much rather be done with it all until next Fall and be planning and producing "Saint Week" (think "Shark Week" with halos) than writing this appeal. (fund our website developer fund by clicking the graphic or here.) Our Crowdfunding Effort ….Continue

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Mike Church's Prep Better Report-Week of 09 March, 2015

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The Prep Better page is the "Insiders Guide" to the Mike Church Show, all gathered in one, distinct place. ….Continue

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Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Elementary Catechism on The Constitution-So Easy Even Congress Can Read It

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NEW!! Members can now download the 1827, Arthur Stansbury book "Elementary Catechism on The Constitution of The United States" a GREAT BOOK for children AND Constitution novices. Presented in a "student asks a question "Q." then the scholar answers it "A." this little book is excellent reading for all ages but children especially. PREFACE "That a people living under a free government which they have themselves originated should be well acquainted with the instrument which con….Continue


Monday, February 10th, 2014

The Pile of Prep LIVE - Audio Download Center

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Mandeville, LA - By popular demand, Mike has now added a daily audio edition of the famous rundown of news and newly discovered and posted historical content "The Pile of Prep-LIVE". You can find all the POP files we have archived right here in addition you will also find Founders Pass Members Only video and audio files. Not a member? Join now for just 17 cents per day and enjoy all the benefits of the Founders Pass including: The Pile of Prep-LIV….Continue

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Friday, August 30th, 2013

Founders Pass September Special-Get a FREE Is Davis A Traitor Book!

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Mandeville, LA - Did you know that the Mike Church Show studios, "Studio D", in Mandeville, LA, broadcast both the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM and Founders TV? Did you know that these studios are independent and responsible for their own expenses & maintenance? Without the generous support of Founders TV viewers and browsers, “Studio D” could not continue its current operations creating “Project ’76 Webisodes” and new feature length CD’s like “T….Continue

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Friday, April 12th, 2013

Mike Church Presents: The Founders Pass Video Tour-Support Your Online [r]epublican

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Mandeville, LA - The website does not accept very many banner ads, NO popup ads and now autoplay video commercials (don't you HATE those!?). We just keep the great, Founding Fathers/[r]epublican hits coming including the all new "Project '76 Webisodes". PLEASE consider subscribing to this site and supporting our efforts to expand the site's reach. WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT this site cannot survive without You! Please take the tour and become convinced that being a F….Continue

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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Give A 1 Year Gift Subscription To Mike Church's The Founders Pass-The Gift That Keeps Giving All Year Long


Mandeville, LA - Now you can GIVE the perfect gift to the [r]epublicans on your list: 1 1 year membership to Mike Church's The Founders Pass! The Founders Pass grants access to days worth of video in "Founders TV" and "This Day In Founding Fathers History" and audio "This Day In Founders History", archived Post Show Shows, topical highlights from Founders TV, ALL of the Mike Church Show Band's parody songs AND mp3 Founding Father Films dramatizations of famous documents in Ame….Continue

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[The powerful Executive branch]...converts representation into vassalage to the leaders of parties, disciplined, not by the comparatively honourable infliction of the lash, but by the base and wicked sophism, that it is honourable to stick to a party, and treacherous to adhere to conscience. The disciples of this infamous doctrine are forged into tools for ambition and tyranny by praises and rewards, whilst honesty is discouraged by base epithets, as a foil to the varnish with which the decoys are painted, designed to deceive and enslave the multitude

John Taylor of Caroline from his 1814 book "An Inquiry Into the Principles & Policy of the Government of the United States"