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14 February 2013

Happy Saint Valentines Day!

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Video and Audio - If you really want to aggravate people today be sure and wish them a Happy SAINT Valentines Day. All of the Hallmark cards and candy you'll see today have Happy VALENTINES Day written on them, but no one ever remembers the Saint upon which the day gets its name. He was, in fact, a real Saint (although he didn't give out candy to children) and died on February 14th, which is why the holiday falls on this day. And have you thought about why men are expected to buy gifts for the women in their lives? Is it because of some leftover form of chivalry from yesteryear? For more on Saint Valentines Day, be sure and check out today's Founders TV show.
The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology
  1. The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology