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18 June 2014

Interview with Congressman Ron Paul With Audio Clip

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio & Transcript - Check out Mike's exclusive interview with Congressman Ron Paul right here. They discuss the continuation of the GOP campaign, debating Mitt Romney, the building debt crisis, the Secret Service scandal and much, much more. Listen to a highlight of the interview and read the transcript for the entire interview!
28 December 2013

Are You A Jeffersonian (good witch) or a Hamiltonian (bad witch)?

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - This subject seems to keep coming up on the Mike Church Show: Has the saturation point for the American sheople's faith in their governments to avert the looming fiscal crisis been reached? Mike's take is "yes" and this is evidence by the surge of support for Ron Paul and hundreds of candidates inspired by him. Mike asks the question "If the "turnaround" of the US Government were afoot, what would it look like?
01 August 2013

Decepticonia Wants More Sanctions on Iran and Rubio as VP

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Video - On today's Post Show Show podcast preview Mike discusses the Decepticons desire for more sanctions on Iran and they're desire to have Rubio be Romney's pick for Vice President. If you have a Founder's Pass you can listen to, and watch, the full show where you'll hear more on Mike discussing Ron and Rand's reaction to the sanctions and Unconstitutional Wars.
31 July 2013

Interview With Judge Andrew Napolitano

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Judge Andrew Napolitano from Fox Business News, and his latest book was Dangerous to Be Right When the Government is Wrong is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us. Check out our transcript of Mike's interview with the Judge from today's show as they discuss everything from Mitt Romney and Russia to the the Roger Clemens trial and Rand Paul...
30 July 2013

What Will Happen to the Debt Crisis if Paul Isn’t Elected?

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Podcast - On today's Founders TV we discuss what Ron Paul's legacy will be, who will follow in his footsteps to fight for the gold standard and the fight against Central Banking. Mike also reads an excerpt from Henry Simmons book "The Life of John Taylor" about the Thomas Jefferson administration, how they're number one goal was to pay back the debt that Washington and Adams had built up, see how that relates to today's news in the free Founders TV preview...
06 June 2013

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Pulls A Touré, Says ‘IRS’ Is The New N-Word

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – That has no political implication whatsoever unless you people make it. It won’t even be political, it won’t be cultural. All it will be is just rabid complaining. It will not amount to anything. It probably isn’t going to change the IRS. It’s not going to change anyone’s opinion of the IRS. It may change people’s opinion of Martin Bashir. Who in the hell is Martin Bashir? Martin Bashir is a third-rate host on a third-rate network that’s third in the network ratings. In other words, this is just a distraction. Check out today’s transcript for the rest…
04 June 2013

Rand Paul Is The Only Serious Contender Attending “Romney Palooza”

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Christie flies to Utah this Thursday. He and Rand Paul and Paul Ryan are all going to Romney Palooza, a big hoop-de-doo gathering out in Utah that is hosted by the former candidate. “Romney retreat to draw three GOP presidential hopefuls.” The retreat is called the Experts and Enthusiasts event set for Thursday and Friday in Park City. Check out today’s transcript for the rest…
20 May 2013

Scott Palumbo Says Chris Christie Isn’t Enough Of A Jerk To Represent The Right

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Galupo is writing about how Chris Christie could actually be the nominee in 2016 because he is not John McCain and he’s not Mitt Romney. Despite the knock against him by the decepticon establishment that he is a pretty social conservative -- Galupo cites in his post. One of the pieces of evidence that he cites is a hit piece written in Nation magazine by John Nichols which describes Christie as some sort of arch right-wing pro-lifer. Check out today’s transcript for the rest…
13 March 2013

The Republican Party Is On The Wrong Side Of Foreign Policy

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – This is a very healthy dynamic and a healthy thing going on, if you’re into these sorts of these things, into party wars. There’s a healthy internecine battle or feud going on for the soul of what you would call today the Republican Party or the conservative party, what people “think” is the conservative party, inside Republican ranks. Check out today’s transcript for the rest…
06 November 2012

What is There to the American Dream Other Than Toasters, Cars, and Houses?

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Government is just a tool. People say, “I want to reduce the size and the scope.” If you’re going to reduce the size and the scope, then you’re going to have to enlarge the sphere of virtue. You’re going to have to enlarge the sphere of -- I’m sorry, I have to say this -- chivalry and manliness. Men, you’re actually going to have to be men for once in our lives again. You’re going to have to start putting your foot down and you’re going to have to start running your family as a family. Things will descend from that, from a natural hierarchical order of things. We’re going to have to be the leaders. Check out today's transcript for more...
23 October 2012

From the Archives: Why Not Build Battleships and Sink Them as Jobs Program?

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Transcript - I have an idea. Just imagine how cool it would be and what a great economy we would have if we built the battleship, sent it out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean and then invited the North Koreans to sink it. Talk about a great jobs program. We won’t put any men on there, just enough to get the thing out to where it could be sunk. Then we’ll give them notice they can take a lifeboat or helicopter out of there. We’re not talking about any loss of life, but just imagine how cool of a jobs program that is. We’ll have battleships built and we’ll invite the countries of the world that hate us to bomb it. we’ll give them the location and say, “Hey, man, you want some target practice? Sink this, we’ll build another one. It creates jobs back at home, don’t you know?” Why not? If building it is such a great idea, just imagine how great it would be to build ten of them. Well, we only need one, Mike. Well, we’ll build one, sink it, rinse and repeat nine times and bam, there’s your stimulus. Check out more in today's audio and transcript...
11 October 2012

What do PBS Supporters Think We Are? Unified Thinking, Chinese Communists!?

In last week’s presidential Debate, Mitt Romney famously promised to “eliminate any agency or program we have to fund by borrowing money from China”. This include PBS and Big Bird. Romney’s test for Federal survival is much ballyhooed by “conservatives” who aren’t very “conservative” these days. If you need a test for whether or not to fund something Governor, try looking it up in here. If it doesn’t appear in an enumerated power than regardless of what Jackie Chan thinks of the Cookie Monster, the Feds will not be subsidizing it.
05 October 2012

Big Bird Gets the Axe, Big Military Gets a Raise

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Video and Audio - So Mitt Romney plans to fire Big Bird, but he wants to keep expanding the military and giving everyone with guns raises? Why not mothball some of the Battleships we have sitting off the coast of foreign countries? Why not stop supporting a land army in Japan? What do we even need a land army in Japan for, we trade with them! For more on Big Bird and Mitt Romney, check out today's Founders TV. For the full show you'll need a Founders Pass, if you don't have one, sign up here!
24 September 2012

Why Romney Isn’t Selling In PaleoCon Libertarian Circles

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - If you wanted to do all these things and you wanted to actually participate or make these things in force of law or effective, then the path is clear. You have two choices. Article V is still out there and still to be used. The other one is to dissolve the political bands which have connected you with another. If you can’t see that the bands need to be severed because the big, giant bully in the center is never going to give back that which he has taken -- he’s too powerful and it’s too much fun to spend other people’s money and not actually have to earn it -- if you can’t see that, then you can’t possibly see that light at the end of the tunnel that some of the rest of us see. Check out today's transcript for more...
24 September 2012

Honey Boo Boo Nation Undermines Gentlemanly Society To Our Detriment

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Transcript - The never-ending quest that we seem to be embarked on for equality is antithetical or anti-nature at its core. There is no equality. This holy grail that we seem to be possessed of, that everyone likes to run around and prattle on about their rights and “We’ve got to have equality.” Why? Nature is not in balance, it never is. Nature is always out of balance. The difference between the night and the day, as the old adage goes, points out that inequality. It illustrates we’ve come to live with night and day. We’ve built houses to shelter us at nighttime from wild beasts, haven’t we? This is a lot of discussion about the natural order of things and about how it was the aristocratic Southern gentleman that showed the highest ideal of what man could be in the South, and I suspect in the North, too, just in a different manner, that others could aspire to. Where are those gentlemen today? Are they leading families? Are they encouraged? Are they educated to lead families, to be young men of gentlemanly virtue? Or are they educated to go out and find a Honey Boo Boo? Check out the rest in today's audio and transcript....
11 September 2012


Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Transcript - We have two callers today inquiring about Religion, God, The Pledge of Allegience, and the First Amendment. These two are so dumb... "How dumb are they?" That we had to split them up into two posts because one post just couldn't handle it. And let's not forget that they're calling in about Mitt Romney's "I can pledge better than Obama" statement, so the bar was already set pretty low for them. Check out today's transcript and audio...
11 September 2012


Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Transcript - We have two callers today inquiring about Religion, God, The Pledge of Allegience, and the First Amendment. These two are so dumb... "How dumb are they?" That we had to split them up into two posts because one post just couldn't handle it. And let's not forget that they're calling in about Mitt Romney's "I can pledge better than Obama" statement, so the bar was already set pretty low for them. Check out today's transcript and audio...
11 September 2012

California Domainin’

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Video - Operation Insolvency is going good so far… California is so broke that they are now using eminent domain to seize properties they can sell to benefit cash strapped home owners. Gov Brown hasn't cut a nickel of spending and the only way he's keeping CA afloat is by borrowing $18 Mil a day from the Federal Gov. If you're in CA and you haven't lost your property yet… get out while you still can! If you've got a Founders Pass you can listen to the rest of the [r]epublican radio podcast where we talk about the Tea Party, Mitt Romney's Pledge of Allegiance being better than Obama's, This Day in Founder's History, and much more. If you don't have a Founder's Pass, sign up for one now!
10 September 2012

No Need For Flat Taxes or Excise Taxes, John Taylor Preferred Duties and Imposts

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - The preferable way to raise revenues, and this makes sure that it is totally equally apportioned among all the people of the several states, is to tax only, to do duties and imposts, tariffs as they’re known. As long as they are uniform and as long as they are across the board -- and it’s not a protective tax either. It’s cost of doing business in this country. If you want to do business here, here’s your five percent duty or five percent impost. This way, if there is taxation, it is transparent, it is on the importation, it is not on the manufacture, it is not an excise, which is an indirect tax. Then doing business and having your precious general government is not a penalty. In other words, it just discharges the few duties that it has to. If you have to have money for a war, you raise bonds. You do it the old fashioned way. You sell bonds and sell debt. “We’ll pay you back in the future if you’ll help us build a battleship today.”
10 September 2012

How Do You Fix The Federal Monster? Deconstruction. And The Proof Is In The Jobs Report.

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Video - On today's [r]epublican radio podcast Mike goes over the jobs numbers in the "Where the Jobs AREN'T" segment, and the numbers are very telling... The Federal Monster has to be stopped, it has to be stopped by Deconstruction. And by this we mean it has to stop spending, it has to borrowing, it has to stop taxing, and it has to stop printing money, if it does these things it will be forced to shrink which will expand the jobs market. Also on today's podcast Mike goes over Romney's comments on Meet the Press where he seems to think that the American people want to elect a military commander, well this couldn't be further from the truth, Americans are tired of war Mitt. If you've got a Founder's Pass you can listen to the entire show right here, if not, sign up now!
07 September 2012

Bill Clinton and Trickle-Up Economics

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Trickle-down economics did not run the debt up, government spending did. Trickle-down economics after Clinton left office did not run the debt up, government spending did. You see, both of The Industry parties, Republicans and Democrats, must put this façade up that one cares more than the other about spending, about how economics are waged and who gets what. Wouldn’t it just be such a paradise to live in if we just had a market-based economy where there was no access for political favors whatsoever? We did once have that here on these shores. A man or a woman was only the product of what they could make of themselves. You could not buy access to wealth. You could not buy access to success by using politics to gain an advantage over your competition. Check out today's transcript for more...
31 August 2012

Mitt As Our Chief Businessman

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Transcript - Were I still a 2006 version of me, a neocon, warmongering, bombing anyone into the stone ages that dares to get in our way even if they don’t get in our way, a believer in right-wing central economic planning and enterprise zones, were I still of the decepticon, fraud conservative mindset, I would be overjoyed, ebullient, crying tears of joy this morning. What they put on in the last four days was exactly what you would expect. I don’t think very many of the people that were there took away from it that politics is a business, as I described it, that we were watching The Industry. Last night you saw The Chairman give his acceptance speech and he’ll run The Industry. Check out today's audio and transcript for more...
21 August 2012

Medicare is a Ponzi Scheme That Romney/Ryan Promise to Fix and Perpetuate

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - I understand that Obama and Biden have got to go, I want them to go too, just as bad as you do, probably more than you do and for different reasons. I don’t understand and I can’t get on board with what is a scam. They’re basically saying to me that Bernie Madoff is currently in the White House and we don’t like Bernie Madoff, we want to get rid of him; however, we got this guy Mitt Romney and he is not Bernie Madoff but he is close to being Bernie Madoff. You see, Bernie Madoff didn’t run the Ponzi scheme the way it should have been run. When Romney and Ryan get in there, they’re going to run the Ponzi scheme the way it ought to be run. Check out today's transcript for more...
20 August 2012

2005 Book Challenges Men To Become “Compleat Gentleman”

Mandeville, La - Exclusive Audio and Video - On today's [r]epublican radio podcast preview, Mike reads from Brad Miner's book "The Compleat Gentleman: The Modern Man's Guide To Chivalry". In his book he discusses the history of chivalry and how it relates to modern man and society. In today's preview, Mike read's a highlight from the book and offers his insights on the seven year old book and how times have already changed since it has been written. If you're a Founder's Pass member you can listen to the news digest and hear Mike's three keys on how the RNC SHOULD go down in Tampa and how it WILL go down.
17 August 2012

Tim Carney Discusses Newt Gingrich, Mark Newman, and GOP Spending in Congress

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Tim Carney was on the line with Mike yesterday discussing everything from Newt Gingrich to Mitt Romney to ObamaCare, here's a small excerpt of his interview when asked about the Romney Plan for Health Care, check out the interview for the rest! "What he wants to do is not what Ryan wants to do. He wants to sort of save money by overturning ObamaCare, which is actually something more than Ryan wants to do because ObamaCare has in it cuts to Medicare, Medicare Advance. Because Romney would overturn ObamaCare, he would undo those cuts, so he would increase Medicare spending. Ryan says that’s a part of ObamaCare that we’re definitely going to preserve, those Medicare cuts. Romney gets credit for being a little bit conservative because he’s talking about repealing ObamaCare, but one of the things he’s doing in that is increasing Medicare spending back to old levels."
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