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28 December 2013

Are You A Jeffersonian (good witch) or a Hamiltonian (bad witch)?

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - This subject seems to keep coming up on the Mike Church Show: Has the saturation point for the American sheople's faith in their governments to avert the looming fiscal crisis been reached? Mike's take is "yes" and this is evidence by the surge of support for Ron Paul and hundreds of candidates inspired by him. Mike asks the question "If the "turnaround" of the US Government were afoot, what would it look like?
26 April 2013

Ron Paul Endorses Mark Sanford

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – He is a gadfly, isn’t he? That’s what he was called when he was in Congress, the gadfly Ron Paul. He is kind of a counterrevolutionary spirit. The fact that the official GOP says they’re not going to support Sanford might have been enough for Ron to say: All I got to do is sign a fundraising letter? All right, give it to me. I’ll sign it. Check out today’s transcript for the rest…
16 April 2013

The 4th Amendment Is Dead And Getting Deader But No One Mourns

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Since nobody else cares about it, I’m going to stop caring about it. I was going to read you the 4th Amendment, but since I don’t think it matters anymore, I’m not going to. If you’re going to be stopped and searched by, again, a federale, you’ve got to ask the question, again, under what authority? “An act of Congress in 1986.” Okay, under what authority did they base that? Procedure matters. Check out today’s transcript for the rest…
05 September 2012

Romney vs Obama… While Vermont Plots Union’s Demise

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - That is happening while the other libs, the ones in Charlotte, are preening and prattling about planning to expand the empire, to increase its immorality, to increase its corruption, to continue the generational theft that is currently going on. Not only do they not want many of the next generation to be born, those that are born will then have a larger share of the national debt that’s currently being run up in these people’s names to pay back. Think about that? It’s not bad enough that they’re pro-abortionists that are all gathered here and cheering wildly about a slaughter of unborn, innocent children. That’s what was going on at that convention last night, speaker after speaker after speaker. Not only are they cheering that, but what of those that actually are born and maybe survive these procedures, or who have actual parents that say, “I think when we become pregnant we should actually bring those lives into this world”? Well, there will be a lot less of them if Democrats and the women’s plumbing caucus that was on parade last night in Charlotte, North Carolina have their way. Check out today's transcript for more...
31 August 2012

Rubio’s Bartender Dad Equal To Donald Trump

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Go read the Twitter feed. “You missed Rubio’s point, you imbecile. You and your stupid friends at the Imaginative Conservative. You and your idiot buddy Russell Kirk. Stop it with the damn morals. Stop it with the virtues. Stop it with the gentlemanly behavior. We’re not gentlemen. We’re rude, we’re insensitive, we’re crude. All we want are jobs and money, Mike, that’s all we want. You, when you talk about these things, you pick the only part in Rubio’s speech and you had to nitpick it.” That’s my little take on that. As for my take on you that are sending those things my way, maybe you ought to consider your way. Do you want your children to be miserable, disgusting human beings like Donald Trump that have no moral compass whatsoever? Are you telling me that Trump is morally superior to the bartender that raised Marco Rubio? I reject that out of pocket.
31 August 2012

Mitt As Our Chief Businessman

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Transcript - Were I still a 2006 version of me, a neocon, warmongering, bombing anyone into the stone ages that dares to get in our way even if they don’t get in our way, a believer in right-wing central economic planning and enterprise zones, were I still of the decepticon, fraud conservative mindset, I would be overjoyed, ebullient, crying tears of joy this morning. What they put on in the last four days was exactly what you would expect. I don’t think very many of the people that were there took away from it that politics is a business, as I described it, that we were watching The Industry. Last night you saw The Chairman give his acceptance speech and he’ll run The Industry. Check out today's audio and transcript for more...
29 August 2012

Chris Christie Exemplifies The Power of the State and The Party

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - All of the Decepticons are going goo-goo gaga over Chris Christie's big speech last night at the RNC, but what they're missing behind it all is that most of what he's talking about is STILL MORE GOVERNMENT, the power of the state. Only the state can educate our children and take care of our old people and if those programs aren't working, well by golly, let's reform them. Check out today's transcript for more...
The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology
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