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05 November 2012

Hey Jeff Kuhner – “Regardless of Who Wins There is No Republic”

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Jeffrey Kuhner, “Obama and the future of our republic.” I’m going to say this again, we do not have a republic. I don’t care how many battle hymns you play to it. I do not care how many times you recite the Pledge of Allegiance with the word republic in it. That does not make it so. We are just so historically ignorant. We just repeat republic and don’t even bother to look it up. Look it up. I’ll tell you where you can find a pretty good definition of it. Donald Livingston’s book Rethinking the American Union has a pretty good definition of republic. Even if we expanded it for the modern era, we would say the largest a republic could be would be about six million people. That would mean the State of Delaware is a republic. The State of Louisiana could be one of the largest republics on Earth.
08 October 2012

Gottfried: What is Conservative About Middle East Colonization?

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Gottfried has an interesting thing about Jeffersonians at American Conservative magazine this morning. If you took my challenge and my homework assignment and read the actual transcript of the debate, you would have read that there were two men on stage that were jousting over which one was going to spend the most amount of money on the failed socialist program known as Medicare. You would have discovered which one was going to spend the most amount of money on the failed programs we have that train people to work. They’re called job training programs. I could continue to list. You would have seen an argument over which man was going to unconstitutionally continue the Department of Education and which one would hire the most new teachers. Read the transcript. It’s in there.
The EBT Song // Mike Church Show Band - Anthology
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